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butt exercises

Steal This Butt Exercise from Chelsea Handler

The comedian shows off her strength with this powerful butt move.

The #1 Reason Your Butt Workouts Aren't Working

Wake up your butt muscles and get ready to werk.

16 Squats That'll Work Your Butt Off

What's the fastest way to a tighter, stronger, perkier butt? Squats...and lots of 'em.

5 Booty-Sculpting Moves from Shaun T

Give your glutes a lift for a wow-worthy rear with incredibly effective butt exercises from INSANITY founder Shaun T.

Master This Move: Barbell Back Squat

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Boost Your Bottom Line

Firm the flab and give yourself a free butt lift with these 6 moves from Heid Klum’s trainer.

One Exercise Every Woman Should Do

Tone and strengthen your abs while giving yourself a natural butt-lift with this move you’re likely not using.

The Secrets to a Perfect Bikini Butt

Models reveal their best tips for a tight, perky rear that rivals those on this year’s <em>SI</em> Swimsuit Edition cover.

The Victoria's Secret Butt Workout

Get a booty like Candice Swanepoel's with these burning moves.

The 10 Best Exercises for Women

Steal this volleyball athlete's go-to moves to shape up from head to toe.

The Best Yoga Poses for a Firm, Fab Butt

Get your rear in gear! This sequence will help you sculpt a firm, toned tush.

At-Home Barre Workout

7 ballet-inspired moves to lift, lengthen, and tone. Tutu optional.

6 Moves to Sculpt Your Butt

Just press play and follow along to lift and tone your tush in record time!

Simone De La Rue's Butt Workout

Celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue walks you through her 4 signature lower-body moves.

5 Moves to Lift and Tone Your Butt

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The Best Exercise You're Not Doing

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The #1 Exercise Women Do Wrong

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A Bodyweight Move Better Than a Leg Press

Skip the gym! Get more results on your lower bod with this move you can do anywhere.

How to Do a Bulgarian Split Squat

Personal trainer Jessica Smith shows you a squat variation that will challenge your butt and thighs.

6 Butt Exercises That Work Wonders

Lift and tone your tush with this targeted circuit from fitness expert Nora Tobin.

5-Minute Booty Blast

Challenge your tush to the maximus with 5 no-equipment moves that take 5 minutes to perform.

The Skinny Jeans Workout

This toning plan sculpts your butt and legs while challenging your core and zapping fat too.

One-Move Total-Body Workout

Perfect this one exercise to scorch tons of calories, work almost every muscle, and sculpt a sexy, perky butt.

Trainers Reveal: The Best Butt Exercises of All Time

20 top fitness experts reveal their go-to move for buns of steel.