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Counting Calories Might Not Be the Key to Weight Loss After All

It's more important to look at what you're eating instead of how much.

The #1 Reason to Stop Counting Calories

Here's why she believes your food is more than just a number.

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Calories on Your Food Label Could Be Off By 25 Percent!

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What 200 Calories Really Look Like

The new app Calorific makes healthy eating easier by showing you what 200 calories really look like in your favorite foods.

Your Brain On: A Calorie Count

What happens in your brain when you see nutrition information on a menu? We dig in.

New App Tracks Alcohol Content in Cocktails

Research shows that people drink more than they think they do, but a new app may be the answer to that problem.

Your Meat Labels Are Meaningless, Dating Really Is the Worst, and Bullies Are Healthier Than Everyone Else

Producers who use labels like “sustainably farmed” and “humanely raised” can't actually verify their claims, a new report suggests.

Are You Counting Calories Wrong?

Really. There's a much better way to approach eating to help you reach and maintain your optimal health and ideal weight.

SHAPE Shares: Exercise Is the Key to Work-Life Balance

No matter how crazy things are, a new study suggests making time for your workout will help.

The Facts About Sugar in Smoothies and Juices

Some drinks are great sources of essential nutrients while others are empty calories. See if your favorites pass the test.

Google Zeitgeist Reveals Top Searches of 2013

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Chobani Releases New 100-Calorie Greek Yogurt

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Ask the Diet Doctor: Assessing Packaged Foods

These 6 guidelines will help ensure that only the healthiest products end up in your grocery cart.

When More Calories Is Better

9 times the quality of your food is far more important than calorie count.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Are the New Burger King Satisfries Healthy?

Debuting today, these fries have less fat and fewer calories, but that doesn’t mean they’ll help you lose weight, our Diet Doctor says.

Is the Taco Bell Waffle Taco a Healthy Breakfast?

Taco Bell is expanding its offering of the waffle taco. How healthy is it compared to other on-the-go options?