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All Romaine Lettuce Deemed Unsafe Due to New Wave of E.coli Contamination

Do not eat any form of romaine lettuce from any region, CDC warns.

Suicide Rates Are Rising In Almost Every State, According to the CDC

Rates have increased in 44 states, according to a CDC report.

Is It Too Late to Get the Flu Shot?

Flu season isn't even close to over.

The First Case of Local Zika Infection This Year Was Just Reported In Texas

The first person to become infected by a local mosquito was reported by Texas state officials.

Do You Still Have to Worry About the Zika Virus?

It's been almost the year since peak Zika freak-out—but is it finally over?

Powassan Is a Tick-Borne Virus More Dangerous Than Lyme

Ticks carry lots of gross, scary stuff.

What You Need to Know About the Spike In Mumps Outbreaks

2016 was the worst year for mumps in a decade—and 2017 isn't looking any better.

The Zika Travel Warnings Now Include Asia

Health officials are now advising pregnant women to "consider postponing nonessential travel" to 11 countries in Southeast Asia that pose a risk of infection.

CDC Issues Miami Travel Warning After Zika Outbreak

The news comes after ten new cases of locally-transmitted Zika popped up over the weekend.

More Pregnant Women In the US Have Zika Than You'd Think, Says New Report

According to a new report, almost 300 pregnant women have it.

More People Are Catching the Zika Virus As An STD

Yet another reason to be on top of safe sex.

Lyme Disease Has Spiked 320 Percent in the U.S.

But don't cancel your hike just yet though.

The Gross Parasite Found in Swimming Pools

Reports of contracting cryptosporidium from pools and lakes are growing, reports the CDC.

FCKH8 Video on Feminism, Sexuality, and Women's Rights

The group FCKH8 is pushing for social change through a video of potty-mouthed princesses. Does fighting offensive behavior with an offensive message work?

How the Ebola Scare Could Cut Flu Rates

Afraid of ebola? That could help with flu prevention.

Can Your Dog Get Ebola?

A lot has been reported about the ebola virus, but what does it all mean for Fido?

1 in 5 Women Raped Throughout Lifetime, CDC Says

Learn more scary stats and what you can do to protect yourself and others.