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Your Sex Toys Might Be Toxic

Not-so-great chemicals could be lurking in your vibrators, condoms, and lubes.

The Harmful Chemicals Hidden in Your Workout Clothes

Learn what chemicals are hidden in your workout clothes and why you should care.

Illinois to Become First State to Ban Microbeads

Find out why one state is kicking a common ingredient to the curb—and what it means for your favorite products.

BPA May Not Mess with Fertility

This chemical has been raising red flags for years, but a new study reports it has no affect on your guy's swimmers.

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Tupperware, temperature, and more surprising things that halt weight loss.

Are Chemicals Making You Fat?

What, and how much you eat aren’t the only factors in your weight! Learn how to decrease you risk of exposure to plastic chemicals like BPA that can actually cause weight gain.

5 Things You Need to Know About Arsenic

When Consumer Reports' research on arsenic in apple juice came out yesterday, many mothers (and drinkers of apple and grape juice!) were pretty upset about a human carcinogen in their children's juice cups. We thought we'd share a few facts about arsenic,

New Report Shows Risks of Using Bedbugs Insecticides

One death and 80 illnesses linked to bedbug insecticides.