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cold and flu

This Child's Death Is a Somber Reminder That Flu Season Still Isn't Over

A 5-year-old boy from California recently died from the infection, highlighting the lingering threat.

How to Keep the Flu from Turning Into Pneumonia

As if flu season could get any worse.

Americans Should Be Taking More Sick Days

This is NOT healthy, you guys.

Exactly How Contagious Is the Flu?

And how long do you need to quarantine yourself if you have it?

Is It Too Late to Get the Flu Shot?

Flu season isn't even close to over.

Can You Get the Flu Twice In One Season?

This year's flu season is NO joke.

What You Need to Know About the Spike In Mumps Outbreaks

2016 was the worst year for mumps in a decade—and 2017 isn't looking any better.

This Immune-Boosting Smoothie Bowl Will Ward Off Winter Colds

Winter is coming—and so is cold and flu season.

The Awesome Way Tattoos Boost Your Health

New research suggests that just like working out, the more you get inked up the stronger your body will be.

Why You Really Cough After a Tough Workout

No, you're not crazy for thinking you're hacking up a lung after every long run or tough HIIT session.

Natural Sore Throat Remedies That Aren't Drops

These quick-relief options taste so much better.

The Best Way to Start Exercising Again After Being Sick

Stuck in bed sick for a week and feeling anxious to work out? Start here.

Why You Catch Your Partner's Plague Even When You Sleep On the Couch

Get ready for sniffles to take over your household.

How to Fight Cold and Flu Germs (The *Right* Way)

Where do you fall on germ prevention?

4 Not-So-Slimy Facts About Your Mucus

It's cold and flu season—and you're about to spend a lot more time with your snot.

12 Foods to Boost Your Immune System This Flu Season

When comes to fighting the flu, science shows you might want to start at the fridge, not the pharmacy.

Do I Really Have to Get the Flu Shot?

We know, we know, needles are no fun.