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cold and flu

9 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling, According to Doctors

Show those germs who’s boss with these clever hacks.

Woman Contracted Rare, Fatal Brain-Eating Amoeba from Using Neti Pot with Tap Water

This could make you think twice before using one to clear out your congestion.

Is It OK to Work Out When You're Sick?

Follow these rules if you're deciding whether or not to sweat it out.

More Than 80,000 Americans Died from the Flu Last Year—Here's How to Protect Yourself This Season

And more than 80,000 Americans died last year. Learn how to protect yourself.

A Maryland College Student Died from a Dangerous Strain of Adenovirus

Adenovirus has also been linked to the deaths of 11 children in New Jersey.

Why Do Some People Die From Pneumonia?

With the news of Kim Porter's recent death, learn what makes a person more at risk.

The FDA Just Approved a New Flu Treatment for the First Time In 20 Years

This is the first new approved treatment in 20 years.

The Best Way to Fight a Cold

Hint: It's not cold medicine.

Natural Sore Throat Remedies That Aren't Drops

These quick-relief options taste so much better.

How to Disinfect Your Phone During Cold and Flu Season

Heads' up: Your phone is covered with germs.

The Scientific Reason Why Your Colds May Be Worse Than Everyone Else's

According to a new study, the bacteria living in your nose could be to blame.

What's the Deal with FluMist, the Flu Vaccine Nasal Spray?

You need to read this if you're scared of needles.

How Early Should You Get the Flu Shot?

The flu shot is officially available nationwide right now—a sure sign summer is ending.

This Is the Germiest Place at the Airport

Pass the hand sanitizer, please.

This Child's Death Is a Somber Reminder That Flu Season Still Isn't Over

A 5-year-old boy from California recently died from the infection, highlighting the lingering threat.

How to Keep the Flu from Turning Into Pneumonia

As if flu season could get any worse.

Americans Should Be Taking More Sick Days

This is NOT healthy, you guys.