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cold weather

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How Winter Weather Affects Your Focus

Bad weather effects your job performance (not just your commute!). Find out how you can leverage it.

Why Does My Butt Stay Cold During A Run?

Ever wonder why your glutes stay cold during a winter run? We have the answer, plus awesome running gear that can help

How to Adjust Your Life to Winter, According to Science

Here, a few science-backed tricks so you can adjust your sleeping, eating, and dressing habits to fit the winter weather.

7 Winter Workouts to Switch Up Your Routine

You don't have to hit the slopes to have fun when the temps dip. Try these sports (hut hiking, anyone?) that are way more fun than the treadmill.

5 Reasons to Love the Treadmill

The "dreadmill" isn't that dreadful! These five truths will give you more than enough reason to learn to love your indoor run.

9 Cycling Staples for Chilly Rides

It may be cold out, but that’s no excuse to skip your ride! Suit up with these apparel and gear picks that’ll help keep you just the right amount of toasty.

7 Cold-Weather Beauty Indulgences for Your Skin

From cinnamon to pumpkin to peppermint, the best holiday treats can still be had with these head-to-toe beautifiers.

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat

Master cold-weather fashion with these expert tips for finding a warm and stylish jacket with all the right features.

Winter-Proof Your Workout Clothes

Expert tips to keep your cold-weather gear in great shape all season long.

10 Tweaks That Will Overhaul Your Health This Winter

Smart, simple, and effective ways to combat common winter concerns.

Key Rules for Cold-Weather Weight Loss

Two simple guidelines could help you lose weight as the days get shorter and shorter.

Could You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Bumming out and Seasonal Affective Disorder are two very different things (that sometimes share symptoms). Here, 5 ways to tell what's what.

3 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home

Take these three steps now to keep you and your home safe all winter long.