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I’ll Never Fully Master Ballet, But That's Exactly Why I Do It

Sometimes imperfection is what's most beautiful.

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Zumba for Babies Is the Most Adorable Thing You'll See All Day

It's almost as cute as watching puppy videos. Pinky swear.

I Became a Professional Dancer After a Car Crash Left Me Paralyzed

"Dance is dance. Whether you're walking or rolling, it doesn't see disability."

At-Home Dance Workouts for When You Just Want to Let Loose

Turn your living room into a dance floor.

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Our Favorite Pole Dancer On Confidence, Teaching, and Beyoncé

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Move ya body, help your health, says new study.

Olivia Wilde's Crazy-Fun Dance Workout

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Why You Should Take a Pole Dancing Class

Check that judgement—pole dancing has become one of fitness's hottest trends. Watch these women do it to see why.