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It's True: Dating Apps Aren't Great for Your Self-Esteem

Even if you're getting tons of matches.

Serena Williams Urges Women to Harness Their Power to Make Sh*t Happen In New Super Bowl Ad

Serena Williams Urges Women to Make the First Move In Her New Super Bowl Ad with Bumble

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An expert weighs in on rushing to the altar.

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They announced the news at their annual Developer Conference, F8.

10 Things Single Ladies Secretly Think at the Gym

Besides how you're going to crush your workout.

Tinder Users Have Safer Sex—Yes, Really

For one, Tinder users have safer sex—yes, really

Why You Should Meditate Before Every First Date

Turns out, a clear mind and open heart are the best first date accessories.

How Your Relationship Changes In the Fall

#Realtalk about real relationships

How One Woman Met the Love of Her Life On a 5K

Sick of online dating? Try "running dating."

Can You Use Coconut Oil As Lube?

Coconut oil is a do-it-all miracle product... but can it do *that*?

Your Summertime Fitness Date Bucket List

Grab your bae (or your bestie!) and get to it.

How to Have Sex at Your Parents' House

If you're visiting home over Turkey Day, you're probably already thinking about it.

WTF Is Cuffing Season?! Your Guide to the Winter Phenomenon

Comedians give their hilarious take on the phenomenon.

10 Date Ideas That Don't Take Place In a Bar

Liquid courage may help your nerves, but it isn't the best recipe for love.

His Smile May Determine Whether He's Boyfriend Material

Turns out, the good guys can win after all.

7 Health Benefits of Being Single

No ring? Your health may thank you.

What Men Find Attractive in Women—Besides Looks!

Including that fun-loving obsession with Harry Potter.

6 Ways a Long Distance Relationship Makes You More In Love

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Gmail Trumps Voicemail When It Comes to Romance

When it comes to expressing your love to your S.O. or asking someone out, email is the way to go.