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Diet Tips

10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Even Trying

No gym or boring diet required

The 30-Day Shape Up Your Plate Challenge for Easy, Healthy Meal Planning

Jumpstart your new way of eating with our exclusive 7-day detox, and then follow along for the rest of the month, which is filled with delicious, easy meals every day.

I Gave Up Dairy for a Year and It Changed My Life

But yes, I still miss cheese quesadillas.

What to Do Every Hour to Lose Weight All Day

Your around-the-clock guide to feeling slimmer by bedtime.

How to Not Gain a Sh*t Ton of Weight This Holiday Season, According to the Pros

Experts serve up some #realtalk on how to make it from Thanksgiving through New Year's.

Certain Body Types Linked with Health Conditions

Knowing whether you're an apple, pear, or banana can give you crucial health info.

9 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working

Hint: Gluten and dairy aren't always to blame.

Is What's On Your Kitchen Counter Causing Your Weight Gain?

There's serious truth to "out of sight, out of mind."

Help! Protein Powder Makes My Farts Stink

If whey shakes make you gassy, you're not alone.

This Is What Happens When Hunger Turns to Hanger

Science explains why you act (and feel) a little crazy when you haven't eaten.

Eating On The Go Leads to Overeating and Weight Gain

This study proves that your morning commute shouldn't double as the breakfast table.

Hate to Diet? Blame Your Brain Cells!

A new study suggests we're hard-wired to hate dieting—and our minds could be our biggest enemy along the weight loss journey.

11 Healthy Bread Alternatives for Passover

These bread swaps are so tasty and good for you, you'll still crave them when Passover’s over.

The Health Perks of an Apple a Day

An apple a day might be more than just an old adage, after all.

How to Eat Healthier by Tricking Your Brain

Can your memory really help you lose weight? Science says yes—plus 4 more research-backed hacks for healthy eating.

What Does a Healthy Dinner Plate Look Like?

One SoulCycle trainer and nutritionist shares her dinner plan for weight loss—plus, why you need to be eating more.

The Goop Detox Diet on a Budget

Love Gwyneth Paltrow's recipes, but hate the complicated, expensive ingredients list? Here, 5 wallet-friendly alternatives.

Lose Weight by Avoiding Hidden Carbohydrates

Could these sneaky sugars and starches be the reason you can't lose weight?

Ask the Diet Doctor: Does Calorie Restriction Affect Aging?

Rumor has it limiting what you eat can slow down Father Time. But is it true? Our resident nutrition expert weighs in.

22 New Winter Foods for Weight Loss

Avoid winter weight gain with these healthy foods--from fruits and vegetables to nuts and meats--that can help you stay slim this season.

6 Signs You Need to Change Your Diet

Most people believe their diet is A-OK. Most people are wrong.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Arsenic in a Gluten-Free Diet

New research suggests that if you skip gluten, you may be loading up on a toxic substance instead. Our resident nutrition expert irons out the details.

Is It Okay to Eat Past 8 p.m.?

Nutritionists weigh in on this long-debated weight loss rule.

Thanksgiving Foods to Boost Metabolism

Spoiler alert: It's not the mashed potatoes.

The Best Reason to Cook Your Own Dinner

The healthy effects of home cooked meals linger longer than we ever thought, says new research.

The 50 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

See if your favorite made the list.