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How Eating Out Solo for a Week Made Me a Better Human

Awkward or awesome? One woman dishes on her seven-day experiment dining out at restaurants alone.

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The newest way to try creative local cuisine: Dine at the chef's kitchen table.

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Leading Hotels Offering Healthy Food Services

These hotels debunk the “you’ll gain weight on vacation” myth with their good-for-you room service options, dining, and more.

8 Calorie-Saving Cooking Terms You Need to Know

You know "fried" means unhealthy, but should you order poached or roasted chicken? Here, 8 cooking methods decoded.

Ask the Diet Doctor: How to Use Weight Loss Apps While Dining Out

Find out how to use your food diary apps next time you're eating at a restaurant.

5 Ways to Stay Fit On a Cruise Ship

Planning your next vacay? These cruise lines make it easy to stay fit while you're at sea.

The 10 Fattiest Foods in America

Scary news: Some of your favorite restaurant meals are serving up three times the amount of fat you should have in a day!

12 Ways to Decode a Restaurant Menu

Experts share how to read between the lines to distinguish the good, the bad, and completely unhealthy items at a restaurant.

15 Off-Menu Healthy Meals You Can Always Order

Your cheat sheet for dining out and still losing weight!

Is Eating Alone Good for Your Body?

New stats tell us that we are dining solo more than ever before. Here, what that means for your waistline.

Frozen Meal Eaters Eat Healthier Than Fast Food Diners

New research suggests that picking a frozen dinner rather than fast food may help you eat healthier all day.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Are the New Burger King Satisfries Healthy?

Debuting today, these fries have less fat and fewer calories, but that doesn’t mean they’ll help you lose weight, our Diet Doctor says.

The Best Weight-Loss Meal Plan

Make shedding pounds easier by committing to this one diet change that makes a big difference.

Is the Taco Bell Waffle Taco a Healthy Breakfast?

Taco Bell is expanding its offering of the waffle taco. How healthy is it compared to other on-the-go options?

Is There a Better Way to Measure Our Food?

Exercise times vs. calories on menus: Experts weigh in on the debate.

5 Office Personalities That Can Derail Your Diet

Easy tips to help you combat five common diet saboteurs at the office.

How Your Local University Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss diarist Yasmin Rammohan learns to use all her local resources to shed pounds on a daily basis. How her local university helps may surprise you!

Attack of the Pumpkin Muffin! The Worst Pumpkin Foods for Fall

Pumpkin offerings pop up on restaurant menus every fall, but some of them will completely blow your diet.

Confused by Restaurant Calorie Counts?

Avoid calorie confusion when dining out and be sure your order fits into your diet with these tips from Cynthia Sass.

Cut Calories When Eating Out

Weight loss diarest Yasmin Rammohan shares easy ways to customize your restaurant order and get the healthy and tasty meal you want.

Do Calorie Counts on Fast Food Menus Really Work?

New research suggests that adding calorie counts to menus may not help to curb obesity.

McDonald’s Adds Calorie Counts to Menu

Will it make you think twice about your favorite fast foods? Learn new ways this information can help you order better.

Soft Lighting and Music Slashes Calorie Intake

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shares new research about how your eating atmosphere can help you curb calories.