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emotional eating

I Spent a Week at a Retreat for Women Who Struggle with Weight and Food

Five simple lessons that helped one woman find body peace.

3 Mindless-Eating Mistakes Making You Gain Weight

Because HOW you eat is as important as WHAT you eat.

The #1 Myth About Emotional Eating Everyone Needs to Know About

Go ahead, have that Ben & Jerry's on the couch if you need to.

How to Know When It's Time to Phase Out an Unhealthy Friend

How one dietitian decided to take a step back from her lunch dates with a certain friend.

Why You Have to Stop Comparing Your Eating Habits to Your Friends'

Who cares that she ordered the fish and you cleaned your plate of pasta?

Why This Dietitian Started Eating Meat After 18 Years of Being a Vegetarian

She's debunking the all-or-nothing approach to eating and diets.

The Not-So-Secret Truth About Emotional Eating

Remember: No matter why you're eating it, it's still a cookie. It's not cancer.

Please Stop Feeling Guilty About What You Eat

Why you should eat the chocolate cake, then move on with life

Body Fat Causes a Stress-Weight Gain Cycle

And not because of body image issues.

The Reason Comfort Food Makes You Feel Better

And the best way to keep it from wrecking your diet!

Gaining Weight? Blame Your Favorite Tearjerkers

A new study found that watching your favorite tearjerkers makes you more likely to reach for popcorn over tissues

Are You Guilty of Indulging Incognito?

A new survey shows that 6 in 10 women eat in secret. Here, one woman shares why.

3 Food Rules You Can Learn from French Kids

French women aren't the only ones worth envying.

Weight Loss Tips from The Biggest Loser's Nutritionist

Cheryl Forberg has seen it all in her 10 years helping the show's contestants transform their bodies—and their lives.

Mindful Minute: Is Being Neurotic About Food Unhealthy?

These 3 common types of neurotic eating may not be "classic" eating disorders, but they can still negatively impact your life.

Train Your Brain to Make Healthy Choices

Picking between a candy bar and an apple isn't so hard if you learn how to change your mindset to want healthier foods.

Are You a Hedonic Eater?

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass explains what hedonic eating is and how to identify if you may be a hedonic eater.

Should You Eat Cake on Your Birthday?

Yes, our weight-loss coach says. But if you're worried, here are her tips on how to make sweets and other treats a healthy part of your balanced diet.

Six Strategies to Combat Stress Eating at Work

When deadlines loom don’t fall pray to midday munchies. Cynthia Sass shows you how to sidestep office snacks, vending machines, and way too convincing coworkers.

How to Tell if You're Emotional Eating

How to tell and put a stop to it before it's too late.

Comfort Food: No Longer My Coping Strategy

Realizing comfort foods has become my go-to coping strategy when I’m upset has helped me revamp my diet, and my life.

Stop Emotional Eating

The battle against the bulge may be in your head.