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Chic Holiday Cooking with Candice Kumai

Whether for a last-minute dinner, a festive party, or cozy night in, these delicious dishes are impressive yet surprisingly easy.

Healthy Party Foods for Last-Minute Entertaining

Stock your kitchen with these six no-prep festive foods. All you have to do is plate, pour, and go when unexpected holiday well-wishers stop by.

“Done” Is the New “Perfect”

Calling all perfectionists: Stop driving yourself crazy and be happier and less stressed with these tips.

3 New Ideas for Entertaining Clients

Tired of client dinners and team building happy hours? Try these three new entertaining ideas that are a lot of fun, and good for your health too!

6 Ways to Serve a Healthy Brunch at Home

I test drove these healthy brunch ideas this Easter and they were a total hit! You’ll be sure to satisfy your guests—without derailing your diet with these tasty and easy to execute brunch ideas.

Pretty Up Your Closet

A disorganized closet is an added stressor you don’t need in the morning. Use these tips to get yours under control today.

Making Your Holiday Cards a Little More Personal

Add a little sparkle and personality to your holiday greeting cards this season by incorporating do-it-yourself wax seals.

3 Healthy and Creative Ways to Cut Back on Alcohol

Have you ever tried to cut back on alcohol? Here are three creative and healthy drinks to help you cut back without feeling deprived.

3 Cool Cocktails to Transition from Summer to Fall

These cocktails are the perfect transition from summer to fall.

4 Must-Have Scented Candles

Do you love scented candles? We've got four of the best ones!

Healthy Entertaining: Nutrition Parties

You’re committed to healthy eating and have decided to host a nutrition party for like-minded friends. provides you with the healthy entertaining tip list that you need for a terrific get-together.