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exercise studies

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Waist trainers? B.S.... But sauna suits might surprise you.

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Basically the closest thing you're gonna get to a magic potion

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Study Finds You Can Prevent a UTI Just By Working Out

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Losing sleep three nights in a row will totally tank your performance.

This Is the Best Way to Exercise to Boost Your Energy

Too much exercise will wear you down and sap your energy, but too little makes you weak and tired. Here's what you should be doing at the gym to skyrocket your energy levels.

The Surprising Connection Between Your Job and Your Fitness Goals

Some jobs might be seriously sapping your strength.

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Here's an argument for counting the old-fashioned way.

The Amount of Time Humans Spend Exercising Will Shock You

The results from Reebok's new global survey were preeetty interesting...and a little alarming.

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