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fat-burning workouts

Plyometric Workout: Jump Away the Jiggle

Firm up and fry fat faster than ever with this plyometric circuit.

Spin to Slim Workout Plan

This DIY ride combines fat-blasting sprints and thigh-trimming climbs in one 30-minute session.

The 60-Second Fat Blast Workout

6 moves to solve your "I'm-too-busy-to-exercise" dilemma.

Stay Fit on the Fly: 12-Minute, Do-Anywhere Workout

Traveling for the holidays? Pack this total-body plan and never miss another workout again!

The Best Fat-Loss Workout of All Time

Try this proven strategy to get the lean, defined body you've always wanted!

HIIT for the Holidays

Try this no-gym, 15-minute fat-blaster to stay slim and sane this season.

No-Running Cardio Workout You Can Do at Home

Forget the treadmill! This quick routine will send your metabolism soaring.

10 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses

Melt calories and tone up trouble spots with this metabolism-boosting yoga routine.

10-Minute Belly-Blasting Workout

You already have abs. You just need to uncover them! Here's how.

Shrink Your Muffin Top! Fat-Blasting Workout

Fave jeans a little snug? Try these 7 fat-blasting moves to banish waistband bulge.

A Pinnable Pool Workout

Beat the heat and feel the burn with this 30-minute swimming routine you can pin, print, and bring to the pool

10-Minute Workout: Calorie-Blasting Cardio

Torch fat and sculpt your abs with these 5 multitasking moves.

A Calorie-Torching Interval Playlist

Follow the beat of this playlist to amp up your intensity and torch more calories the next time you head outside

The 10 Most Misunderstood Diet and Fitness Strategies

Experts separate myth from fact once and for all. The truth might surprise you!

The Better Way to Try Quick Weight-Loss Strategies

Get results that last with these R.D.-approved tweaks to quick-fix strategies.

Top 50 Fun Ways to Lose Weight This Spring

From Capoeira to swing dancing, slimming down has never felt so easy!

30-Minute Fat-Blasting Interval Workout

Beat cardio machine boredom with this two-part fat blasting interval plan

Ask the Diet Doctor: Is Diet or Exercise Best for Losing Belly Fat?

What's more important: diet or exercise? Our Diet Doc settles the debate.

5 Ways to Get Your Metabolism Soaring

It’s not all about cardio. You can burn more calories around the clock if you know how to raise your metabolism and make it work for you. Put these five metabolism boosters into action and you’ll be torching calories—even when you’re not trying!

7 Fat-Burning Moves That Tone Your Whole Body

Sculpt every little muscle in your body with these 7 complex exercises.

20-Minute Total Body Rowing Workout

Torch 50 percent more calories than the elliptical while toning your entire body.

5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight at the Gym

Make sure your workout is working for you.

Fast-Paced Five-Move Total Body Workout

Do these moves at home, in a hotel room, or your own backyard!

10-Minute Calorie-Torching Interval Workout

You won’t believe how many calories this routine blasts—in just 10 minutes!

5 Reasons Your Workout Isn't Working

Workout not working? We know why and how to fix it.

Better-than-the-Treadmill Cardio Blast

Become a lean, mean, climbing machine with this fat-blasting plan.