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Why the FDA Wants This Opioid Painkiller Off the Market

Experts believe that the risks of this drug outweigh the benefits.

The Gross Details Behind the FDA Cilantro Ban

Your cilantro may look green, but it turns out growers have been using the fields as an outhouse.

Woo Hoo! FDA to Officially Ban Trans Fat in 2018

You can finally PHO-get about those FrankenFats! As of 2018, the FDA will make sure trans fat doesn't make its way into processed foods again.

FDA Approves New Treatment for Acne Scarring

Teenage acne scars still haunting you? Eliminate blemishes for good

New FDA Ruling Requires More Establishments to List Calorie Counts

The new mandate makes it easier to stick to healthy choices when eating at chain restaurants, convenience stores, movie theaters, and more.

One Man Hopes to Change the Healthy Food Community, Why Your Brain Loves Junk Food, and the FDA Just Approved the First Personal Robotic Exoskeleton

One man’s mission to change eliminate waste and hunger, plus our fave fast food and robots are coming!

Consumer Reports Wants to Ban the Term "Natural"

Or so says one advocacy group who’s trying to ban the use of the meaningless term on food labels.

There's a Crazy New Form of Birth Control, How Student Loan Debt Hurts Your Health, and Why You Can't Stop Listening to "Happy"

And we're pretty sure it'll protect against STDs if for no other reason than you'll never want to sleep with a guy who wears it.

Kellogg Agrees to Drop "All Natural" Label From Kashi

The brand’s debacle highlights a bigger problem: There's no actual definition for what makes a product "all natural."

Your Extra-Strength Tylenol Is Ruining Your Liver

The FDA issued a new warning about acetaminophen, and following their latest advice could save your liver.

New FDA Rule to Prohibit Omega-3 Claims on Labels

Foods can no longer say they are “high,” “rich in,” or an “excellent source”—so how will you know you’re getting your fill?

FDA Says Honey with Added Sweeteners Isn't Honey

Products with added sugar or corn syrup should be labeled, the FDA is saying. For now, here’s how to tell if your honey is pure.

More Than Half of People Believe a Conspiracy Theory!

Forget aliens and UFOs—the majority of Americans think at least one crazy medical theory is true.

FDA Proposes Some Big Changes to Nutrition Labels

But will they help you eat healthier? Experts weigh in on the good and bad of the suggested update.

New FDA Ruling to Eliminate Use of Trans Fats

Learn why this unhealthy ingredient may soon be a thing of the past and how it will impact your foods.

Moldy Chobani Linked to 89 Illnesses

Days after Chobani recalled products for mold, 89 people have reported falling ill from eating the yogurt. Here’s how to know if your favorite snack could make you sick.

USDA Allows China to Process U.S. Chicken

And then ship it back to be sold here. Is this actually safe?

IUD Best Form of Birth Control, Doctors Say

Although the IUD once got a bad rap for being unsafe, newer versions are the best form of birth control even for teens, doctors say.

Obesity Drug Qnexa One Step Closer to Being Prescribed

Qnexa had been previously rejected for safety reasons, but now seems likely that it will get full FDA approval in April. Does it work? And is it safe?

Could Your Electric Toothbrush Injure You?

A new alert from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns of potential safety concerns when it comes to using specific kinds electric toothbrushes, including chipped or broken teeth, cuts to the mouth and gums, swallowing and choking on broken pi

FDA Looking at Diet Drug Again

A new prescription diet pill called Vivus is looking to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If found to be safe, it would be the first new prescription diet pill to be approved by the FDA in 13 years.

Why You Should Never Try the Dangerous hCG Diet Plan

5 things you need to know about this "miracle weight-loss plan."