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fish and seafood

Kristin Cavallari's Healthy Seafood Pasta Recipe from Her 'True Roots' Cookbook

It's the ultimate I-can't-believe-this-is-healthy dish.

What Is a Pescatarian Diet and Is It Healthy?

Read this before you commit to a fish-friendly eating plan.

Healthy Fish Tacos with Sesame-Tahini Dressing for an Easy Mediterranean Diet Meal

These easy-to-make tacos have a radicchio shell filled with ingredients that have tons of flavor.

High-Protein, Gluten-Free Seared Scallops Recipe for Dinner

This high-protein dinner idea is just the thing for busy weeknights.

5 Ways to Cook Salmon In Less Than 15 Minutes

These 15-minute fish dishes are guaranteed to be "stink-free."

Low-Carb Fish Tacos with a Fresh and Fruity Nectarine Salsa

Ditch the tortilla and scoop up these fish tacos in a radicchio lettuce cup shell.

15 Delish Fish Tacos from Food Bloggers

Take your tortilla to the next level with unbeatable fish tacos stuffed with every seafood imaginable.

Eco-Friendly Fish Recipes for Sardines, Herring, and Other Small Fish

There's nothing fishy about this—cooking these delicious fish recipes from top food bloggers can help the environment.

Sushi Safety: Mercury Levels in Ahi Tuna Are Rising

Mercury levels in certain types of sushi are rising by nearly 4 percent a year. Follow these expert tips to indulge safely.

Why the Most Nutritious Foods Aren’t As Healthy As They Used to Be

Vitamin and mineral levels have been declining in our foods for decades. Does that mean your fruits and vegetables aren't as healthy as you think?

4 Reasons Fish Should Be a Staple in Your Diet

Plus, 4 other health reasons this food should be a staple in your diet.

4 Brilliant Ways to Avoid the Same Old Grilled Salmon

These healthy, light and flavorful fish dishes are packed with omega-3s, making them a perfect switch from your standard grilled salmon.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Farm-Raised vs. Wild Salmon

We tackle this hotly debated topic—and you may be surprised at the bottom line.

There's a Crazy New Form of Birth Control, How Student Loan Debt Hurts Your Health, and Why You Can't Stop Listening to "Happy"

And we're pretty sure it'll protect against STDs if for no other reason than you'll never want to sleep with a guy who wears it.

Ask the Diet Doctor: How Cooking Affects Omega 3s

Salmon is a superfood, but a strange thing happens to its nutrients when cooked. Find out if you should lay off the heat.

Make Soy-Mustard Tuna Tostada Appetizers

Upgrade Mexican night with these light and crunchy appetizers, topped with marinated cucumbers and a tangy soy glaze.

Make Seared Citrus-Soy Scallops at Home

These sea scallops in citrus-soy brown butter sauce make a quick yet mouthwatering dinner for 2.

4 Healthy Recipes from the 2013 New York City Wine and Food Festival

Create gourmet meals from some of the top names in cooking in your own kitchen.