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Fitness Apps Rank the Healthiest States in America

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Adidas App Uses Spotify to Deliver Killer Running Music

Adidas teamed up with Spotify to create a first-of-its-kind running app that matches your favorite music to your pace.

New Nike #BetterForIt Campaign Challenges All Women to Move More

Because fitness isn't just about what you do at the gym, it's about what those workouts do for you.

Do Fitness Apps Actually Help You Lose Weight?

With as many health-related apps as there are Candy Crush levels, a new survey set out to discover whether any of them actually work.

Track Your Fitness Without Shelling Out Any Cash

If you're reading this on your phone, you're already holding everything you need.

5 High Tech Ways to Personalize Fitness

New fitness apps, gear, and tech are making it seriously simple to get a little personal attention during your workout.

5 Fun Ways to Use Apple's New iPhone 6 Health App

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5 Digital Coaches to Help You Reach Your Health Goals

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Find Your New Favorite Workout in a Flash!

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3 Fitness Apps for the Busy Gym-Goer

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The Best Gear for a Nighttime Workout

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3 Amazing Features of the Apple Watch

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FitStar Announces New Yoga App with Tara Stiles

Whether you’re a newbie or a hardcore yogi, you want to relax or build strength, and you have 10 minutes or an hour, FitStar’s app has something for you!

Your Fitness Tracker Is Lying

See how the device you swear by to tell you how many calories you burned rated in a recent study.

Equinox Gives New Meaning to All-Inclusive Membership

The global fitness franchise's latest app reveals all your fitness stats with a simple swipe on your smartphone.

Fashion Meets Function: 5 Cute Fitness Trackers

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Never Work Out in a Crappy Hotel Gym Again

Staying fit on the fly has never been easier with this new app that aims to hook you up with local gyms while traveling.