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8 of the Most Unusual Places You Can Work Out

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ClassPass Launched a Free Audio Training App Called ClassPass Go

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Mommy-and-Me Workout Classes That Keep Your Fitness the Center of Attention

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You May Soon Be Able to Book Spa Services On ClassPass

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The F45 Training HIIT Workout You Can Do In Any Gym

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Why Every Woman Should Add Martial Arts to Her Fitness Routine

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Common CrossFit Mistakes Most Beginners Make (and How to Avoid Them)

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Silent Yoga Might Just Be the Best Way to Get Your Zen On

At Sound Off classes your instructor guides you through wireless headphones.

Study Finds Major Benefits to Taking Workout Classes vs. Exercising Alone

Research finds that classes have a unique benefit.

This Strength Training Boxing Workout Gives You Everything You Need to Fight Like a Pro

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Do This HIIT Workout On Water to Seriously Activate Your Abs

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The Secret Trick to Getting Free Classes from Your Favorite Fitness Studio

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The Group Fitness Classes That Celebs *Really* Love

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6 Reasons Being an Introvert Improves Your Workout Game

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How Does Meditation Fit In with HIIT?

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What I Learned from a Month of Workout Dates

Trading in brunch for barre can boost your physical strength <em>and</em> the strength of your friendships. Win-win!

I Exercised Like My Wife for a Month...and Only Collapsed Twice

What's it like being the only guy in a fitness class full of women? As one man learned, that's not the hard part.