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Is Asthma to Blame for Your Post-Workout Fatigue?

Exercise-induced asthma could be to blame. We asked an expert to ID the sneaky symptoms you might miss.

The Best Alternative Workout for Every Type of Athlete

Get faster, stronger and fitter with the best cross-training for your sport.

Are You Too Much of a Perfectionist at the Gym?

Beat burnout with good goal setting, right? Not so fast.

Make Your Cardio Workouts Harder (Not Longer)

Try these trainer tricks for more burn in less time.

How to Pick the Right Size Dumbbells for Your Workouts

Going steady with the 10-pound weights for months now? You may be selling yourself short.

Plateau-Busting Strategies to Start Seeing Results at the Gym

You've been hitting the gym religiously for weeks and aren't making any progress. What gives?

Has Your Love for Running Turned Into an Unhealthy Obsession?

Yes, running is great exercise, but your cardio addiction could actually be hurting your stride.

The Right Cross-Training Activity to Crush Your Fitness Goals

Match the complementary cross-training activity to your fitness goals to reach them faster.

6 Tips for Trying on Workout Clothes

We asked experts what to do in the dressing room to score the best fitness gear for your body.

Why Lateral Movement Workouts Are a Smart Move

The celebrity trainer explains how side-to-side exercises can seriously improve your fitness.

8 Common Running Myths, Busted!

Get the lowdown on the most common running beliefs that could be hurting your strides.

What Running In the Heat Does to Your Body

Running in heat and humidity can be grueling, but this expert advice will help you power through the steamiest conditions.

How Your Gym Workout Prevents Work Burnout

Talk about a win-win for working up a sweat!

5 Strength Exercises for Rock Climbing Newbies

Prep the muscles you'll be relying on to scale a wall (or mountain!) with these essential exercises.

Fitness Tips to Toughen Up Your Workouts

Having a workout routine is great—until it becomes, well, routine.

Put an End to Post-Workout Breast Pain

Learn how to dull the ache with expert advice for dealing with exercise-induced breast pain.

Do I Need to Eat After Cardio Workouts?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but according to experts, there's no need to refuel after that cycling class.

7 Workout Rules Meant to Be Broken

"No pain, no gain" doesn't actually sound all that enticing.

Fitness Tips to Conquer High-Altitude Workouts

Elevation can make a workout feel a lot harder. Prep with these tips and you'll be running and biking uphill with ease.

7 Running Tricks to Help You Speed Up in Hot Weather

Hot weather can make running feel like a drag. These cool pro tips will help you stay fast.

Is It Dangerous to Run in Old Running Shoes?

If your running sneakers have been through the ringer but you're desperate to go for a jog, should you lace up your cross-trainers? Our expert weighs in.

Is Your Post-Exercise Attitude Ruining Your Diet?

If you're not careful, fitness could hinder weight loss efforts!

11 Heat-Related Workout Inflictions to Watch Out For

Working out in the heat brings on a slew of risks—but you can combat them all with this expert advice.

Will One Night of Poor Sleep Affect Your Workout?

Tiger Woods says that stress is leading him to miss out on zzz's. But could it be messing with his game too?

6 Ways to Shake Up Your Workout Routine for Summer

Get the awesome abs, sexy arms, and flab-free physique you've been working on with plateau-busting fitness tips.