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fitness trends

3 Ways Apple GymKit Can Boost Your Workout

The future of fitness tracking is here.

I Went to Wine Yoga and Got Drunker Than I Expected

Yoga + wine = what a time to be alive!

Why Every Woman Should Add Martial Arts to Her Fitness Routine

It'll sharpen your mind and body like nothing else.

Are Sauna Suits Good for Weight Loss?

Waist trainers? B.S.... But sauna suits might surprise you.

Silent Yoga Might Just Be the Best Way to Get Your Zen On

At Sound Off classes your instructor guides you through wireless headphones.

These Photos Will Make You Wanna Try Cat Yoga Immediately

Human-only classes just aren't the same.

Sweat Crawls Are the New Bar Crawls

No hangovers, all the feel-good endorphins.

What It's Like to Work Out According to Your Zodiac Sign

Let's just say the sweat was written in the stars just for me.

Meet Lauren Ash, One of the Most Important Voices In the Wellness Industry

Lauren Ash is creating a community where women of color can find their om—and then some.

Boutique Fitness Studios Are Redefining What It Means to Cross-Train

Cross training is old school, and it works, which is why studios across the country are capitalizing on this results-driven workout style.

This Boxing-Style HIIT Workout Is Designed for People with Knee Pain

HIIT workouts don't have to be all about the jumping or squatting or...squat jumping.

How I Used the Latest Health Tech to Finally Ditch the Scale

I finally stopped caring about the weight on the scale and have never been healthier.

The No-Swimming Pool Workout That You Can Also Do On Dry Land

No pool, no problem—you can also do it on dry land.

These "Game of Thrones" Fans Took Binge-Watching to a New, Fit Level

Let's just say this was not a couch-potato watch party.

Reebok Wants the Academy to Create an Oscar for "Best Fitness Trainer"

Those stars didn't get into superhero shape on their own.

I Tried Forest Bathing In Central Park

It's not as wacky as it sounds.

Do This HIIT Workout On Water to Seriously Activate Your Abs

Steal these core-busting pool moves and do at home.

The Secret Trick to Getting Free Classes from Your Favorite Fitness Studio

This little-known tactic could end up saving you hundreds every month.

How Training with an Acrobat Helped Me Face My Fear of Heights

The trapeze was good for more than just my triceps.

Urban Fitness League Is the Badass New Sport You Need to Know About

It's about time we supplemented the hot dog eating contest with a little something fitness-y.