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food additives

Why One Nutritionist Says the Added-Protein Foods Trend Has Gotten Out of Control

This nutritionist says the trend has gotten a little out of control.

Spice Blends That Add Flavor to Your Boring Meal Prep Lunches

These blends will give you a new lease on lunch.

I Gave Up Processed Foods for a Year and This Is What Happened

One woman did, and it completely changed her relationship with food.

Tyson Chicken Will Remove Antibiotics By 2017

Here's some good news to crow about: The top 3 poultry producers in the country are ditching dangerous drugs.

7 Crazy Food Additives You Probably Missed on the Nutrition Label

Crushed beetles? Dog sex pheromones? Don't freak out, but read up on the crazy ingredients found in common food and drinks.

Kellogg Agrees to Drop "All Natural" Label From Kashi

The brand’s debacle highlights a bigger problem: There's no actual definition for what makes a product "all natural."

Seriously Disturbing Facts About Organic Food

Before you bite into that pesticide-free apple, watch this video. (Warning: You may lose your appetite.)

Ask the Diet Doctor: Fortified Foods

“Enriched” packaged foods seem like a smart buy, but just how powerful are vitamins and minerals that are infused rather than naturally found in cereal and other foods?

New FDA Ruling to Eliminate Use of Trans Fats

Learn why this unhealthy ingredient may soon be a thing of the past and how it will impact your foods.

Kraft to Remove Artificial Food Coloring

Making a small yet applaudable move, next year certain products in those iconic blue boxes will be colored with paprika.

8 Scary-Sounding Ingredients That Are Actually Safe

Despite the mad-scientists names, these 8 mystery items won’t hurt you—and some may even be good for you.

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Truth About MSG

If you shun this food additive, you may be missing out on great flavor—and for no good reason.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Is Carrageenan Okay to Eat?

An ingredient sometimes found in healthy foods has experts concerned.

Is Food Coloring Bad For Us?

It looks pretty, but are the bright colors in your favorite foods harming your health?

9 Common Foods That Contain Toxic Ingredients

Trade common foods with scary ingredients for these tasty, additive-free alternatives.

7 Ingredients That Are Robbing You of Nutrients

Rethink your grocery list to avoid these vitamin- and mineral-sapping ingredients.

Is Aspartame-Sweetened Milk Really Necessary?

The milk industry has petitioned the FDA to allow them to add an ingredient in an effort to lower calories.

Do You Need a Fro-Yo Detox?

Could your frozen yogurt habit be jeopardizing your weight loss?

Myth Busters: Do You Have Your Facts About Water Straight?

We reveal the truth about 17 common water myths.

Sugar Shock

Hidden sweets may be sabotaging your health and weight.