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How to Use "Root to Stem" Cooking to Cut Down On Food Waste

Chefs share how to cook with the parts of produce you normally throw out.

Are There Possible Health Risks of GMO Foods?

A new peer-reviewed article discusses the possible health risks of GMOs

Always Bloated? SIBO Is the Digestive Disorder You Need to Know About

People with small intestine bacterial overgrowth can experience severe bloating, diarrhea, and gas.

It's Time to Start Using Aquafaba In All Your Vegan Baking Recipes

Non-vegans, you'll want to steal this secret too

The Healthiest Packaged Meals You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

Coming in just under 400 calories, these lunches score high on nutrition and flavor

Your Guide to Buying The Healthiest Eggs

Take notes from a farmer on how to find the best eggs for your buck.

Surprising New Ways to Eat More Probiotics

Yogurt was just the beginning.

What the Mysterious Ingredients in Your Food Actually Look Like

Malto-dextrin what? Demystify the ingredients list on your favorite snacks.

Mystery Food Additives and Ingredients from A to Z

From acetic acid to zinc oxide, we dig in to 26 lesser-known foods, additives, and ingredients.

How Safe Are Nanomaterials in Your Food?

As nanomaterials become more common in food, how can you be sure you’re safe since these ingredients aren’t listed on labels?

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Last Word on Soy Protein Isolate

A lot has been said about soy—good and bad. Get the bottom line before you make your next protein shake.

Powerade Drops Controversial Food Additive

The popular sports drink will no longer contain a controversial ingredient thanks to a petition.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Anatomy of a Peep

Find out how long you'd have to work out to burn off a pack of these marshmallow treats!

New Study Says Agavins Can Help You Slim Down

Misleading headlines make it seem like the syrup or shots will help you shed pounds. We asked the researchers to clear things up.

American Eating by the Numbers

Yowza. But that’s not the only shocking stat. These 20 eye-opening facts will make you rethink how you eat.

Subway Removes Chemical from Bread

The sandwich shop will stop using a questionable ingredient also found in yoga mats (yummy).

Ask the Diet Doctor: Palm Oil Primer

You've seen this on ingredients list and praised by Dr. Oz. Now learn how the different types really impact your health.

Ask the Diet Doctor: What Are Natural Flavors?

They’re added to your yogurt, bottled smoothies, soups, and more—but what exactly are they?

Another Fast-Food Chain is Cleaning Up Its Act

Find out which restaurant is removing high-fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes from its products.

Kraft to Remove Artificial Food Coloring

Making a small yet applaudable move, next year certain products in those iconic blue boxes will be colored with paprika.

8 Scary-Sounding Ingredients That Are Actually Safe

Despite the mad-scientists names, these 8 mystery items won’t hurt you—and some may even be good for you.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Assessing Packaged Foods

These 6 guidelines will help ensure that only the healthiest products end up in your grocery cart.

How Healthy Are Fortified Foods?

Americans are eating more fortified foods. Our Weight Loss Coach reveals if that's a good thing or not.

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Worst Thing Found in Our Food

When you’re grocery shopping, be sure you don’t toss any foods that contain these into your cart!

Ask the Diet Doctor: GMO Foods

Our Diet Doctor’s take on genetically modified foods may surprise you.