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functional exercises

11 Moves to Get Ready for Summer Music Festivals

Music festivals on your summer agenda? Get ready for the long days with this 30-minute workout.

Tabata, Threshold, and More Tough Fitness Terms You Should Know

How do you do plyometrics? What the heck is lactic acid? We've defined the most confusing fitness terms out there.

The New Functional Fitness Tool For a Total-Body Burn

The uniquely-designed RMT Club will challenge your muscles and make you stronger both in and out of the gym.

10 Plank Exercises to Score Sexy Abs Fast

Burn calories, sculpt sexy abs, and build total-body strength with these crazy plank variations.

We Tried It: Gyrotonic

This unique training method works your body in ways that no other workout can.

Exercise Swaps for Similar Results

Easy tweaks for similar results when equipment, injury, or strength limits you.

5 Mood-Lifting Exercises to Beat the Blues

Exercise is a great way to raise your spirits but getting started can be daunting when you’re feeling down. Try these five easy mood-boosting moves to ease your way to a happier day.

Workout Wednesday: Feel Better in 20 Minutes

Welcome to the first official Workout Wednesday on! Today's 20-minute program is all about getting you fit for the types of movements you do in everyday life so you have less pain and more energy.

Why Yoga Isn't About Being Flexible

If you feel discouraged durinig a yoga class when you can't touch your toes to your head, take heed. Yoga is about much, much more than flexibility.