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8 Alternative Mental Health Therapies, Explained

How some people are drawing, dancing, and laughing themselves to better health.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha has been making waves as the latest go-to health drink, but is this stinky, fermented beverage really worth the sip?

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Whether it's eating, drinking, or shopping, learn what's causing your can't-stop-won't-stop behavior and how to take control.

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20 Ways to Sneak Pumpkin into Any Meal

From pesto to pizza, you can add this superfood into any dish.

Sex and Sports: A Better Combo Than You Think

Many coaches say athletes should abstain before a big game. But will doing the deed really hinder performance on the playing field?

The Surprising Health Benefits of Being Bored

How doing "nothing" can be a pretty powerful way to get creative juices flowing and even promote career advancement.

12 Tricks to Sleep in the Heat (Without AC)

No AC? No problem! These tried and true tips will have you cool as a cucumber.

Is Growing Up Without Siblings a Disadvantage?

Recent research reveals why one is (or isn't) the loneliest number.

Do We Have "Sexual Peaks?"

Get the lowdown on this biological phenomenon to heat things up in the bedroom.

Is Walking as Good a Workout as Running?

They offer similar health benefits, but when it comes to losing weight, one reigns supreme.

Can You Catch Up On Sleep?

How so-called "sleep binges" might actually be harming your health.

Hey Sleepyhead! How to Become a Morning Person

Even the most dedicated night owl can become an early riser with these 10 tips.

Do Sleep Aids Really Work?

Which will help you catch more Zz's and which will leave you feeling like a zombie.

Is Food Coloring Bad For Us?

It looks pretty, but are the bright colors in your favorite foods harming your health?

Trust Your Gut (Sometimes) to Make Better Decisions

When it's best to follow your intuition and when you should carefully consider your options.

15 Easy Ways to Beat Everyday Anxiety

Refresh, recharge, and stay calm with these simple tips you can do anytime, anywhere.

In a Bad Mood? New Expereal App Can Tell You Why

Expereal aims to track and measure your daily emotions—better than your memory can.

Do You Talk in Your Sleep? New App Lets You Find Out!

Have you ever been told you have entire conversations in your sleep&mdahs;only you don't remember a thing? Then check out this new Swedish app, which lets you record yourself in your sleep.

SHAPE Shares: 5 Ways to Have a Healthy Hanukkah

Celebrate the Festival of Lights in a healthy way these five fun ideas.

How Creativity Can Make Us Happier

Research reveals the secret to boost your mood, productivity, and health.

The Healthiest Companies to Work For

Rock climbing walls, team retreats, & more awesome perks you won't believe.

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Research gives a whole new meaning to the term "sisterhood."

Do Open Relationships Make People Happier?

Get the dirt on one woman's experience with nonmonagamy.

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10 innovative meals on wheels that are worth tracking down.

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New research says the brain may be to blame for women's bad snacking decisions.