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12 Things to Do On Black Friday Besides Shopping (Since You Buy Everything Online Anyway)


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Fighting through crowds of hungover, food-coma shoppers sounds fun, I know. But the internet is a magical thing, and you know you'll score better stuff on Cyber Monday anyway. Instead of wasting time digging through utterly destroyed store shelves and waiting in insane lines, spend your Black Friday doing some of these things (or, literally anything else) instead.

How Janet Jackson Lost 70 Pounds By Strength Training

Janet-Jackson-FB.jpgPhoto: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

After giving birth to her son in January, Janet Jackson has been focusing on losing her baby weight, mostly to help get into shape for her international "State of the World" tour, set to hit 56 cities this year. The pop sensation has lost 70 pounds with the help of her trainer Paulette Sybliss, who is sharing how the new mom got into the best shape of her life.