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half marathon training

The Start-to-Finish Guide to Fueling for a Half Marathon

Your crash course in not crashing on the course.

Running Helped This Woman Cope After She Was Diagnosed with a Rare Muscle Disease

Sara Hosey just ran the United Airlines Half in NYC, only weeks after finding out she had myasthenia gravis.

I Ran the Las Vegas Half Marathon After the Shooting to Prove That Fear Won't Hold Me Back

"I won't let one person's actions keep me from living and celebrating life."

Training for a Half Marathon Was One of the Most Memorable Parts of My Honeymoon

What started as an effort to stay accountable led to an active two-week adventure.

Your Guide to Training and Running a Race with Your BFF

Accomplish your goal and strengthen your friendship

Why Half Marathons Are the Best Distance Ever

They're doable, you'll feel accomplished, and you don't have to give up your entire social life to train.

What Training for a Long Race Really Does to Your Legs

From hips all the way down to your ankles, training for a long race can cause serious wear and tear on your legs

What I Learned from Running 20 Disney Races

The experience really is magical.

Should You Ever Give Up On a Fitness Goal?

After countless failures at a long-term goal, one Star Wars Half Marathon runner learns the power of positive thinking, Jedi-style.

15 Half Marathons You Should Sign Up for ASAP

Take your race game to the next level with these must-try half marathons.

The Hands-Down *Best* Signs from the 2016 MORE/SHAPE Half Marathon

You'll laugh and smile your way through the finish line

Why You Should Sign Up for an Obstacle Course Race

Whether it’s a 5K or a mud run, tackling an obstacle course for the first time can feel so rewarding.

13 Amazing Moments from the Brooklyn Half Marathon

From sneaking in a kiss to successfully achieving her goal time, our nutrition editor shares her favorite race day milestones.

3 Running Lessons I'll Take to My Next Race

@AliOnTheRun1’s journey to the Brooklyn Half is over and while her finish wasn’t as strong as she hoped, she was able to take away a few valuable lessons.

13.1 Reasons I’m Excited to Run the Brooklyn Half Marathon

From pre-race shopping to a post-race meal, @AliOnTheRun1 shares the reasons she's most excited to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

5 Things I Learned While Half-Marathon Training

From discovering that freezing cold runs aren't so bad to the motivational power of a deadline, Shape's nutrition editor shares what she learned on her road to the Brooklyn Half.

What's Running Through My Head Before Race Day

@AliOnTheRun1 shares what's running through her head two weeks before the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

4 Nutrition Rules to Combat Running-Induced Hunger

To find the best way to stay energized before, during, and after a run, Shape's nutrition editor sought out some expert advice.

Why Running Goals Shouldn't Just Be About Being Fast

With the Brooklyn Half-Marathon weeks away, AliOnTheRun1 is determined to finish strong—whether or not she beats her personal running record.