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Sorry, But Ginger Ale Isn't Going to Help Your Upset Stomach

These three alternatives will do a much better job of taming your tummy.

The Price of Coconut Oil Is Dropping Because Everyone Is Realizing How Unhealthy It Is

Wholesale coconut oil costs are bottoming out after health experts challenged the former superfood.

Eating Carbs May Help You Live Longer (But There's a Catch)

When it comes to carbs, your best nutrition strategy might be the oldest one in the book: moderation.

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A health food pro shares her take on the "brocc-o-latte" trend.

Could Your Sad Desk Salad Actually Make You Happier?

So that explains why you feel like sh*t after eating a burrito. Hmm.

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This vitamin-packed recipe can help with getting the glow you're after.

10 Trendy Superfoods Nutritionists Say You Can Skip

Sure they're super trendy, but are they worth your hard-earned cash?

Pomegranate Health Benefits You Should Know

This seasonal superfruit can help you fight off colds, boost your heart, and avoid overeating.

WTF Is Natto—and Should You Try It?

Here's why you should start introducing natto—fermented soybean—into your diet.

10 High-Protein Plant-Based Foods That Are Easy to Digest

Whether you're trying to cut back on animal foods for personal or health reasons, this is the perfect thing to help you get started.

Why B Vitamins Are the Secret to More Energy

You could be seriously lacking in these key vitamins.

Polyphenol-Rich Foods to Start Eating Today

These foods will help up your levels of these powerful antioxidants.

What to Eat After the Stomach Flu or Food Poisoning

Start feeling like a functional human again.

Is Granola Good for You or Not?

There's no denying those crunchy little clusters are tasty—but are they healthy?

10 Foods and Drinks That Reduce Stomach Bloating

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6 Healing Foods to Help You Recover from a Running Injury Faster

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Is Coffee Bad for You? The Definitive Guide to Java

A dietitian explains the contradictory research on caffeine and the effect it has on our bodies.

Is Pasta the New "Diet" Food?

Only if you do these three things

New Flat-Belly Foods to Eat for Your Best Abs Ever

Science says these surprising nutrients can knock a few inches off your waistline.