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The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services for Your Healthy-Eating Needs

Blue Apron

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Pricing: From $9.99 per serving;

Known for: They're the OG meal kit delivery service, and they know it.

Best for: Most of Blue Apron's recipes are pretty easy, making the company a good choice for beginner cooks. Though there are generally a few choices for your three weekly meals, this isn't the best option for those with dietary restrictions, as they really only offer a regular and vegetarian option. And even though the meals won't take forever cook, you'll still spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen—somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 minutes. If you use cooking as a way to decompress and chill out after a long day, you'll be set. If not, keep reading.

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Purple Carrot

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Pricing: From $12 per serving;

Known for: They're 100 percent plant-based, and committed to it.

Best for: Vegetarians, vegans, and plant-based athletes will love Purple Carrot. The service offers traditional plant-based meals as well as the TB12 Performance Meal plan, which is Tom Brady–approved. TB's meals are higher in protein and always gluten-free, while the regular meal plan places an emphasis on simple, wholesome ingredients.

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Pricing: From $8 per serving;

Known for: Meals that go from box to table in about 30 minutes, delivered via Amazon Prime.

Best for: Anyone within an Amazon Fresh delivery area. Though these meals are only available in select areas at the moment, they're incredibly convenient for those who already use Amazon Fresh for groceries. And considering Amazon does just about everything these days, it's not so surprising that they've jumped into the meal kit delivery world. Their model is a little different—you simply buy each meal individually, and you can choose from fancier options like Togarashi-Spiced Salmon with Soba Noodles and simpler meals, like a Veggie Quinoa Bowl with Spiced Chickpeas. (BTW, here's why Amazon buying Whole Foods makes total sense.)

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Pricing: Average $15 per serving;

Known for: Diet-specific meals from top chefs, including Weight Watchers–friendly ones with pre-calculated SmartPoints values, so all you need to do is cook, eat, and log your food.

Best for: Anyone on Weight Watchers, looking to lose weight, or hoping to eat healthier overall who has a decent budget to spend on food and likes the idea of meals recommended by fancy chefs. Chef'd also offers an Atkins meal plan, an American Diabetes Association meal plan, and New York Times Cooking meal plan. They also have quite a few lunch options for those interested in meal prepping their work lunches with minimal planning required.

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Pricing: From $8 to $15 for two servings; available only in-store

Known for: Affordable meals you can grab in-store with just the ingredients you need.

Best for: People who stop at Walmart on the regular and are looking for an option that won't break the bank. Walmart has carried other brands' meal kits for a while, but recently introduced their own, and the pricing really can't be beat, even though you need to actually go to the store to pick them up. Meal choices include Steak Dijon, Basil Garlic Chicken, and Sweet Chili Chicken Stir-Fry. As of now, the kits are available in over 250 stores, with plans to roll them out to over 2,000 by the end of the year—so keep your eyes peeled.

Photo: Walmart


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Pricing: From $8.74 per serving;

Known for: Easy-to-follow recipes that don't break the bank, with lots of one-pan meals to keep cleanup to a minimum.

Best for: People who are super busy and have a limited budget. HelloFresh already offers veggie options, but they also just acquired another meal kit delivery service, Green Chef, which means they'll soon be adding USDA-certified organic and vegan meal plans, as well as keto, paleo, and certified gluten-free meal plans.

Photo: HelloFresh

Sun Basket

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Pricing: From $10.99 per serving;

Known for: Clean, sustainable meals for a variety of health-conscious eating styles.

Best for: People who are really specific about how they like to eat and want to know exactly where their food came from. Choose from gluten-free, paleo, soy-free, dairy-free, and lower-calorie options. Sun Basket places an emphasis on ethical sourcing of animal products and the best organic produce, which means you never have to wonder about quality. They also provide very specific nutrition info about each meal, in case you're counting macros or are simply curious.

Photo: Sun Basket


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Pricing: From $9.95 per serving;

Known for: 20 recipe options and two dessert choices per week, from a team led by a Le Cordon Bleu–trained chef.

Best for: People who want to choose the exact recipes they get from a ton of different options. Some other meal kit delivery services allow you to choose which recipes you'd like to receive, but Plated has *by far* the biggest offering in terms of variety.

Photo: Plated

Terra's Kitchen

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Pricing: From $9.99 per serving;

Known for: Healthy meals based on the Mediterranean diet with pre-chopped ingredients for a variety of dietary restrictions.

Best for: People who don't want to waste time chopping, have a dietary restriction, or are trying to lose weight. Like some of the other meal kit delivery services, you can select exactly which meals you want, with the bonus of all the ingredients coming ready to use and some meals even ready to eat. You can also purchase products like their 3-Day Fresh Food Detox, which includes everything you need for three full days of healthy meals, taking the guesswork out of eating well. Lastly, Terra's Kitchen uses an innovative delivery box called The Vessel, which keeps your neatly arranged food cold in easily removable shelves you can pull out and pop in the fridge.

Photo: Terra's Kitchen

Home Chef

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Pricing: Dinners $9.95 per serving, lunches $7.99 per serving;

Known for: Simple, low-commitment meal delivery.

Best for: Busy people who want to cook but don't want to spend time thinking about it. Home Chef also offers a "plan ahead" option, which allows you to see the available meals for the next five weeks. That way, you can knock out all of your choices and not have to give brain space to it again for over a month. The company also realizes that lots of new cooks use their service, so they have a helpful kitchenware section on their site where you can buy cooking tools you might need to make their dishes. (BTW, scope these meal-prep gadgets that make batch cooking way easier.)

Photo: Home Chef

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

This extract comes from the of the Indonesian cananga tree. When the essential oil was inhaled—in a blend with bergamot and lavender oil—once a day for four weeks, it lowered people's stress responses, as well as their cortisol and blood pressure levels, according to a study done by Geochang Provincial College in Korea.

Chamomile Essential Oil

You've likely heard about the soothing effects of chamomile tea, and those extend to chamomile essential oil. "Chamomile is also a base note, so it has that same grounding effect as vetiver," says Gillerman. But studies have also shown a proven physiological response to it: Chamomile may actually "provide clinically meaningful antidepressant activity," according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Vetiver Essential Oil

"Vetiver is an oil that's called a base note—that means it has a very low evaporation cycle. You can put it on your body and it will still be evaporating for two days," says Gillerman. The fact that it sticks with you could be good for someone who knows they're going to be in a drawn-out stressful situation. "Base notes tend to slow us down, calm us, make us feel grounded—that isn't a medical term, but the grounding you get from a base note relaxes your diaphragm, loosens your muscles, helps you focus, basically the opposite of what anxiety does," says Gillerman. Vetiver oil was linked to lowered anxiety effects in a study done on rats and published in the journal Natural Product Research, but more research needs to be conducted into its effects on humans.