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The 20-Minute Upper-Body Workout for Sculpted Arms

Want the secret to defined arms and shoulders? One word: muscle. (Yes, gaining muscle is a good thing. It helps your body burn more calories at rest, and has all these other awesome body benefits.)

This 20-minute workout with celebrity trainer Jaime McFaden builds just that. Plus, there's no equipment needed, so you can add this quick workout to your repertoire to bust out anywhere, anytime.

3 Types of Aerial Fitness Classes You Should Try (Even If You're Afraid of Heights)

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Maybe it's the boom in boutique gyms or all the Instagram eye candy that aerial yoga has stirred up, but acrobatic-inspired workouts are more plentiful, popular, and accessible than ever. This newest breed of routine incorporates classics like bungee cords, trampolines, and aerial silks in ways that make it easy to go aloft for classes, whatever your starting point.