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Most Versatile Yoga Retreat: Six Senses

Not only can you find Six Senses properties in Thailand, the Seychelles, Vietnam, the Maldives, Oman, China, and Portugal, but you can choose from three different types of yoga retreats on site. There's Discover Yoga, which offers private hatha yoga lessons, guided meditation, and massage and energy treatments for yogi novices; Yogic Detox, a program for more experienced yogis who practice advanced pranayama, meditation, and detox treatments; and Yogic Sleep, a suitable middle ground that combines yoga nidra, pranayama, gentle yoga practice, and relaxing spa treatments to help yogis reach new levels of ~chill~.

Photo: Six Senses Duoro Valley

Best All-In Yoga Retreat: Ananda In the Himalayas

It makes sense that the most luxurious yoga retreat would be in India, the birthplace of the practice. The Himalayan compound's seven- (or 14- or 21-) day yoga cleanse isn't for the casual yogi—it requires you to use techniques like asanas (or postures), pranayama (yogic breathing), meditation, and Ayurvedic meals to detox naturally. But in between the five or six sessions per day, you can enjoy the palatial grounds and activities like white water rafting, safari, and devotional rituals at the Ganges River.

Photo: Courtesy of Ananda Spa

Best Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Yoga Retreat: Yogascapes

Find your nirvana anywhere, from Oaxaca and the Sierras to Iceland and the Sahara. All of these dreamy destinations are on Yogascapes' 2018 itinerary, and the company brings teachers and practitioners together for fully immersive yoga retreats that deliver a truly authentic cultural experience, complete with local guides, food, and adventure. Trust us, there won't be a minute of boredom on this getaway.

Photo: Courtesy of Yogascapes

Best Yoga Meditation Retreat: The Art of Living Center

At Blue Ridge Mountains yoga retreat center, you'll learn the kind of meditation and breathing practices you can't pick up from an app. (Related: 3 Techniques That Help Fix Anxiety, Stress, and Low Energy) There's no shortage of trained teachers, all of whom offer guided sessions and private instruction to help newbies. Don't underestimate the power of scenery, either—it goes a long way in quieting even the busiest of minds.

Photo: Courtesy of the Art of Living Center

Best Yoga Spa Retreat: HolistiCityLyfe Retreats

Head to Grenada for a series of retreats offered by HolistiCityLyfe. Themes include self-empowerment and spiritual wellness, and the trips—which take place on Carriacou Island, a haven for snorkeling—include activities like Reiki healing, purification ceremonies, local tours, and beachside massages. (Check out these confessions from massage therapists before hopping on the table.)

Photo: Courtesy of HolistiCityLyfe