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Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedalboard (SLIDE 2 SPONSORED)


Photo: Hobie

This AWAY x Gray Malin Collaboration

AWAY suitcases have become one of the most sought-after carry-ons for frequent travelers thanks to their sturdy design, TSA-approved lock, and built-in battery and USB port (so you never have to fight for an airport outlet). This collab with travel photographer Gray Malin, which features a custom interior printed with one of his aerials, would be perfect for that upcoming ski trip. ($225;

Photo: AWAY

A Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Say goodbye to car or plane neck. Magnetic fastening, an ergonomic design, and memory foam core make this travel pillow ideal for on-the-go naps. ($60;  

Photo: Ostrich Pillow

Wool Indoor-Outdoor Slippers

Perfect for long car or plane rides, these slipper booties from Denmark keep feet warm and dry with their breathable wool fabric and rubber sole. ($155;

Photo: Glerups

A Monogrammed Leather Charger Roll-Up

This leather roll-up will keep all of your tech-savvy traveler's cords organized and checks all the boxes of a great gift: Practical, stylish, and personal, thanks to the free monogramming. ($49;

Photo: Mark and Graham