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Healthy Eating

Venus Williams' Healthy Eating Tips

The tennis star reveals how she stays fueled match after match.

Should We Really End the War on Fat?

A recent Time magazine article has everyone questioning if saturated fat isn’t so bad. But let’s not get too carried away with the butter yet.

Can You Exercise Away a Bad Diet? New Coca-Cola Ad Says Yes

That's the philosophy Coca-Cola seems to be going for with its new ad. Here's why it's not so simple.

Researchers Seek to Better Understand Food Allergies

Some experts say 4 percent of the population suffers, yet others say 15 million do. But a new group may help find the true number.

New Data Reveals What Americans Are Really Eating

New USDA data reveals which foods are most prevalent in our diets.

Your Essential Plan for a Daylong Detox

Follow this agenda (no fasting necessary!) to head into the long weekend full of energy and feeling amazing about your body.

The Harmful Diet Lies You Probably Believe

From the no-eating-after-dark rule to the low-carb craze, experts debunk the most persistent diet lies.

This Cool Trick Will Change the Way You Use Mason Jars

This nifty food hack makes preparing and carrying your breakfast and snacks so much easier.

Is Your Diet a Cult?

A new book released today suggests that nutrition programs can brainwash us.

6 Times Cheese Is the Answer

It gets a bad rap, but swapping cheese in for other ingredients in recipes can save cals and fat while adding protein and calcium.

How Food Texture Affects Your Calorie Intake

Snack smart: Whether you pick a crunchy or creamy food may make you eat less without even meaning to!

Mindful Minute: Is Being Neurotic About Food Unhealthy?

These 3 common types of neurotic eating may not be "classic" eating disorders, but they can still negatively impact your life.

What You Should Know Before Starting a Raw Diet

Matthew Kenney, raw food chef and guru, explains the benefits of raw vegan foods and the best way to ease into the eating style.

Why Matthew Kenney Became a Raw Food Chef

The celebrated chef and restaurateur explains how going from classically trained NYC cook to raw vegan transformed his health.

What 8 Nutritionists Really Eat Every Day

Take a peek at 8 dietitians' food diaries to see how the experts strike the balance between Mexican food and kale salad.

Another Reason to OD on Fruits and Veggies

A new study says this is the magic number for a longer life—and our meal plan helps you easily and deliciously reach that goal.

The Best Diet for Your Health

Researchers looked at the science on paleo, lowfat, low-carb, vegan, and more diets to finally decide the optimal way to eat.

Chef Secrets for the Best Tasting Veggies Ever

The greatest chefs in the nation reveal how to flavor and prepare vegetables that you won't want to stop eating.

World's Oldest Woman Says Sushi Is Key to Long Life

Misao Okawa, the world's oldest woman, says these two healthy habits helped her reach 116 years young.

Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's Diet Will Keep You Fit

Geoffrey Zakarian is surrounded by delicious food all day, so he certainly knows how to eat to stay fueled without gaining.

Seriously Disturbing Facts About Organic Food

Before you bite into that pesticide-free apple, watch this video. (Warning: You may lose your appetite.)

DASH Diet Named Best Diet Fourth Year in a Row

See how the experts ranked the popular Paleo diet compared to Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers, the DASH diet, and more.

An Easy Weekday Dinner Recipe with Greens

Chef Candice Kumai shows you how to whip together a fast, colorful meal that's perfect for busy nights.

How to Prepare a Clean and Green Sunday Brunch

Chef Candice Kumai makes a clean green brunch starring a superfood-packed burrito.

A Green Smoothie Recipe to Get You Back on Track

When you're exhausted, devoid of nutrients, or otherwise in need of a boost, you must try this creamy delicious recipe.

Ask the Diet Doctor: The Ideal Eating Pace

Inhaling your food is never a good thing, yet lingering too long could be bad too. Here’s how to pace your eating without watching the clock.