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healthy fats

Why You Should Buy Powdered Peanut Butter

No, it's not boring diet food. Yes, it still tastes like peanut butter.

What Is MCT Oil and Is It the Next Superfood?

The truth about this trendy oil...

Grilled & Stuffed Avocado with Mango & Black Bean Salsa

For when you really just want to eat avocado with a spoon, but you're trying to keep it classy.

Is Your Cooking Oil Releasing Toxic Chemicals?

Avocado, olive, corn, sunflower—find out which oils could be harmful if heated up too hot.

11 High-Fat Foods a Healthy Diet Should Always Include

These healthy foods prove that fat is not the enemy. (One of them is even chocolate!)

Is Fat Water Legit? What You Need to Know About the Bulletproof Coffee Sports Drink

The latest trend in sports drinks makes fat phobia a thing of the past.

The Not-So-Healthy Fats Making You Depressed

But, despite this science, you still shouldn't nix fats all together.

13 Types of Milk That Do Your Body Good

Almond, soy, hemp, coconut—there are more milk varieties than plank variations. Use this infographic to pick the best one for you.

10 Savory Avocado Recipes (That Aren't Guacamole)

The super-filling (and delicious!) fruit is the star in these healthy, summer-y breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas.

A High-Fat Diet Can Torpedo Your Metabolism

If you're going to take a diet vacation, make it low-fat! A game-changing new study shows the detrimental side effects of indulging in fattening foods.

How a Low-Fat Diet Sabotages Weight Loss

New research shows that eating low-fat foods may put your waistline at risk. Find out why.

Why Low-Fat Foods Don’t Satisfy

Science says your taste buds do know the difference.

4 Unexpected Benefits of Body Fat

When it comes to body fat, more is sometimes better. Here, four reasons to be glad for a little padding.

Is an Avocado Shortage Coming Our Way?

Hold the fork: A new report suggests a world without guacamole could be on the horizon.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Importance of Polyunsaturated Fat

While you know by now that fats aren't evil (we hope!), find out exactly how much of each kind you should include in your diet.

Are You Taking Your Vitamin D Supplement Wrong?

Simply popping your sunshine vitamin may not be enough. Find out the right way to reap all the benefits.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Farm-Raised vs. Wild Salmon

We tackle this hotly debated topic—and you may be surprised at the bottom line.

Should We Really End the War on Fat?

A recent Time magazine article has everyone questioning if saturated fat isn’t so bad. But let’s not get too carried away with the butter yet.

Facebook Just Got Creepier, Men Are Too Focused on PE, and the Real Reason Olive Oil Is So Good for You

Now everyone on the social media behemoth can inquire if you're single (because clearly you wanted them to ask).

The Surprising Connection Between Food and Stress

What you eat—or don’t eat—can impact your figure and your mood. Follow this plan to lose weight without losing your mind.

Why Eating Like a Man May Be Best for Women's Health

A new book lays out a surprising defense for including full-fat dairy, heavy cream, and red meats in your diet.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Coconut Oil Vs. Coconut Butter

The two share similar nutritional benefits, but be sure you know these important differences before digging in.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Fueled by Fats Alone

Cutting out carbs almost completely—or all the way—is advocated by some diets—and it isn’t as unhealthy as you think.