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How to ~Finally~ Kick Your Weekend Overeating Habit

So you can enjoy your weekends and work toward your goals *at the same time*.

The Health Benefits of Hot Lemon Water

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The GI Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

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5 Easy Steps to More Mindful Eating

No, it has nothing to do with adding sauce.

Why a Low-Sugar or Sugar-Free Diet Could Be a Really Bad Idea

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Healthy Ramen Recipes That Will Make You Rethink the College-Food Staple

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Why Your Sugary Breakfast Isn't All That Bad

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The 5 Best Things You Can Do for Yourself On Your Period

Treat yo'self, but within these parameters.

How I Went from Overweight New Mom to Ironwoman

I couldn't run, didn't bike, and was terrified of swimming—so I registered for an Ironman.

Proof That Standing Desks Might Actually Help Prevent Weight Gain

If you're still sitting, you're doing it wrong

6 Secrets Hidden In Your Food Journal

Are you missing the signs?

These Containers and Gadgets Will Change the Way You Meal Prep

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Daisy Ridley Shares Her Struggle with Endometriosis

The Star Wars star opens up about her nearly decade-long struggle with the painful disorder.

The Later You Get to Sleep, the Worse Your Diet and Exercise Habits Will Be

Late bedtimes are tied to poor eating and activity levels, according to a new study.

Ever Wonder What All That Sugar *Really* Does to Your Body?

Here's an honest look at how you body handles the sweet stuff (spoiler alert: not that well).