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This Halloween-Inspired Smoothie Bowl Is Scary Good

This is the best Halloween-themed food you're going to eat—promise.

Healthy Halloween Treats You Can Pair with Wine

Join in on the trick-or-treat fun with this new twist on wine pairing.

10 Homemade, Healthier Candy Bar Alternatives

Don't be tricked into sugar-loaded treats this Halloween—these homemade alternatives taste are just good as the originals.

Spice Up Sex with Halloween-Style Role Play

Halloween costumes aren't just for the kids! Take role play to a whole new level with these 10 sex tips, toys, and positions that will bring your fantasies to life.

9 Fruit and Veggie Sculptures You Have to See to Believe

These incredibly life-like fruit and veggie sculptures by the Invisible Underground take pumpkin carving to a whole new level.

7 Not-So-Scary Halloween-Inspired Exercises

Embrace your spooky side—and burn off all that candy corn—with this challenging total-body routine.

10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is nearly here. Find a costume with these clever (and easy!) ideas for couples, groups, friends, and more.

5 Can't-Miss Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Take your costume to the next level with these easy-to-follow makeup tutorials for your favorite TV, movie, and pop culture-inspired characters.

Best and Worst Halloween Candies

Find out where your favorite treats fall on this list, plus some healthier alternatives to try out this season.

Power Pumpkin Workout

Make that heavy gourd do double duty with these trouble-spot toning moves from personal trainer, Nicole Glor.

The 10 Best Costume Races in the U.S.

Running gorillas, sprinting Santas, dashing Disney characters, to name a few. Check out the most creative races from coast to coast!

Homemade Vegan Candy Corn Bites Recipe

Swap out traditional sugar-loaded candy corn for this healthier take on the Halloween season staple.

My Best Tricks to Enjoy Halloween Treats

How Bloomberg TV anchor Stephanie Ruhle keeps things in check, without trading traditional candy bars for carob squares.

5 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Still haven't picked a costume? Don't run out and buy something you'll only wear once! Here, the pros at YouTube show you how procrastination might pay off this Halloween.

Celeb Halloween Costumes We Love

The holiday may be a week away, but the stars have already started dressing up. Check out our favorite get-ups.

The Ultimate Halloween Candy Guide

Compare the health and taste of your favorite treats before you reach into the trick-to-treat bowl.

What's Really in Halloween Candy?

We've peeled back the wrapper to uncover which ingredients are harmless and which treats should go straight to the trash.

Shape Shares: Hurricane Sandy Edition

The news and headlines around the web we're reading this week as the East Coast recovers and everyone celebrates Halloween.

Creepy Cocktails for Halloween

Would you rather enjoy three Starbursts or one sweet and spooky cocktail? These low-cal libations will have you sipping smart and leaving the candy to the kids.

You Ate It? Negate It: Candy Corn

Find out what it takes to torch the calories in a handful of this classic Halloween treat and how it compares to other popular sweets.

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Fitness Icons

These hot and hilarious getups are guaranteed to be a hit this Halloween!

The Sexy Halloween Costume Workout

There's still time to tone up before baring your bod this Halloween.

10 Low-Calorie Halloween Treats

Skip traditional scary snacks and try these slimmed-down options instead.

5 Reasons to Eat Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween parties will be in full swing this weekend. But instead of trying to dodge the big bowl of Halloween candy, why not make some toasted pumpkin seeds and nosh on them instead? Read on for five reasons why you should eat some toasted pumpkin seeds

Halloween Candy That's Double the Trouble

Find out which Halloween treats pack twice as much calories, sugar and fat— and what to eat instead.