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Morit Summers Shares Why She Fully Plans to Indulge On Thanksgiving Despite Being On Whole30

The celebrity trainer and body-pos advocate is following a Whole30 diet, but she's planning to hit pause for the holiday.

Thanksgiving Recipes with Global-Inspired Flavors to Try This Year

Take your American holiday menu across borders.

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No need to take your workout super seriously today, guys

5 Proven Health Benefits of Gratitude

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Everything’s going to be all right.

What Nutritionists Eat on Thanksgiving

Top experts share their favorite Turkey Day meals—plus the nutritional benefits behind each and every one.

6 Moves to Boost Your Metabolism Before the Big Meal

Boost your metabolism before (and during) your Thanksgiving dinner with this quick, total-body workout.

How to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey

Finally, the proper way to carve a bird with minimal mess and zero wasted meat.

How Lena Dunham, Erin Andrews, and Other Celebs Celebrated Thanksgiving

See how Mindy Kaling, Erin Andrews, Lena Dunham, and other stars celebrated Thanksgiving this year.

Why You Shouldn't Do a Cleanse Right After a Holiday Meal

Avoiding solids for a few days after stuffing your face may sound like a good plan, but there’s a better way to “detox” post-holiday.

10 Crazy Gravy Boats That Need to Calm Down

These souped-up serving dishes are sure to be the star of any Thanksgiving feast.

10 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

From breakfast to a side or main dish, these bloggers know just what to do with a yam.

7 Healthy Twists On Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Trade traditional calorie bombs for these better-for-you holiday recipes.

Tips for Buying the Best Cutting Board

Not all cutting boards are created equal! Get the scoop on the right type for your needs just in time for Thanksgiving dinner prep.

You Ate It, Negate It! Thanksgiving Edition

See how much exercise it would take to torch off your favorite holiday dishes.

Don't Toss the Sauce: 3 Creative Cocktails Using Leftover Cranberry Sauce

This Thanksgiving staple makes the perfect sweetener while adding just a touch of tart in these festive fall cocktails.

Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers into Beauty Treatments

Use Thanksgiving extras to reduce wrinkles, firm your skin, and rejuvenate dry winter hair.

Set Your Alarm Clock: Black Friday Shopping Is Healthy for You!

Why fighting your way to the front of the register on Black Friday may actually boost your mental and physical health.

10 New Ways to Use Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turn the remains of your feast into original dishes so good you’ll wish you’d cooked more.

SHAPE Shares: Your Thanksgiving Survival Guide

The day of thanks is often a day of stress. Stay healthy and enjoy the holiday without feeling like a mad woman with these simple tips.

Ask the Diet Doctor: How Much Should I Eat at Thanksgiving Dinner?

Tricks to enjoy all your fave foods without feeling like a stuffed turkey.

Festive and Fit Thanksgiving Cocktails

Serve these apple-, cranberry-, and cinnamon-infused drinks alongside your T-Day dinner.

Pay Attention! The Secret to Never Overeat Again

Stop stuffing yourself (and feeling guilty for eating too much) with this one simple trick that you already know but have forgotten.

How the Stars Celebrate Thanksgiving

See how our fave fit stars celebrate Turkey Day.

Monday Motivation: How Are You Staying Healthy This Thanksgiving?

The holidays can be a stressful time. De-stress, burn calories, and gain energy with these easy-to-follow workout tips.