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How I Used the Latest Health Tech to Finally Ditch the Scale

I finally stopped caring about the weight on the scale and have never been healthier.

Are You Skinny Fat?

You don't have to be overweight to suffer from some of the issues that come with a high BMI.

Which Matters More: Exercise or Weight?

Exercise is twice as good for your health as weight loss, according to new research.

What's a Healthy Weight, Anyway? The Truth About Being Fat But Fit

It's time to clear up the confusion about how your weight does (or doesn't!) affect your health.

The Science of Fat-Shaming

And how to stop the destructive practice.

10 Ditch-the-Scale Ways to Tell If You're Losing Weight

Forget how much you weigh—that's not the only indicator of success!

Scooby-Doo Movie "Curses" Daphne By Making Her Fat

The longstanding franchise's newest direct-to-video film has critics fuming, including us—and we bet you too!

BMI vs Weight vs Waist Circumference

When it comes to tracking your health, numbers can be helpful—if you use the right ones.

National Healthy Weight Week: Self-Satisfaction Is Key

Weight is just a number. Here's how to boost your body image and love your shape, whatever it is.

Celebrity Before & After Photos: Weight Loss Success

Before and after photos of Jennifer Hudson, Alec Baldwin, and more newly slim stars!

The Realistic Way to Eat 7 Fruits & Veggies a Day

It seems impossible, but this meal plan will make it easy to reach your produce needs—and make you happier, to boot.

L.A.'s New Portion-Size Campaign

The city has a new anti-obesity campaign, it can help you can learn about proper serving sizes for weight loss, wherever you live.

Same Diet, Different Results? Here’s Why

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass explains why some diets may actually lead to weight gain and how to prevent this pitfall.

Can You Be Obese and Fit?

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shares new research about how fitness and health protect against disease regardless of weight.

Are You as Healthy as You Think?

New research says 80 percent of Americans may overestimate their health status.

Belly Fat Dangers for Normal-Weight Women

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shares new research on the risks of belly fat in normal weight women and simple strategies to shrink your waistline.

Are You in Denial About Your Weight?

Can you tell when you're gaining or losing weight? You may think so, but new research says differently!

ABSI: A Replacement for Body Mass Index?

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass explains A Body Shape Index or ABSI, a new formula that may be better than BMI at predicting how your weight impacts your health risks

Forget the Numbers!

As long as you’re consistent with healthy eating and exercise, the extra weight will come off in time. Go ahead, get off that scale!

The Best Ways to Measure Body Fat

From old-school calipers to space-age vessels, which is most accurate?

Why Being a Food Cop Can Make Your Partner Fat

Trying to help your partner eat better may actually backfire. Find out why and how you can improve your relationship—and your partner’s health!

Why We're All So Affected By Crystal Renn's Recent Weight Loss

When former plus-sized model Crystal Renn stepped out last week looking noticeably thinner than her previous 165-pound frame, the media — and the public — took notice. But why?

Why Women Need Fat

Experts reveal surprising solutions to lose weight for good.