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heart disease

This Woman Thought She Had Anxiety, But It Was Actually a Rare Heart Defect

Heidi Stewart is encouraging people to listen to their bodies.

Bob Harper Is 'Starting Back at Square One' After His Heart Attack

"Talk about starting back at SQUARE ONE," he said.

2 Ways to Boost Heart Health That Have Nothing to Do with Diet or Exercise

And they have absolutely nothing to do with diet or exercise.

Easy Heart-Healthy Appetizer Recipes for Your Next Party

Mini-pizzas, salsas, and stuffed peppers are all good for your heart.

Should You Skip Your Workout If You're Really Upset?

Headlines have been suggesting that it's bad to exercise while angry. Here's what they're ~ not ~ telling you.

I'm a Young, Fit Spin Instructor—and Nearly Died of a Heart Attack

Heart disease is not simply a problem for overweight men

Migraines May Increase Your Risk of a Heart Attack

Migraines May Increase Your Risk Of Heart Attack

If Sugar Is Toxic, How Bad Is All That Halloween Candy You Just Ate?

Sugar is toxic, but you probably didn't do permanent damage.

Does Your Birth Month Influence Your Disease Risk?

Apparently, it's not just astrologers who'd say yes!

Scary Medical Diagnoses Young Women Don't Expect

Learn the symptoms so you can protect yourself before serious health problems strike.

Procrastination Could Lead to Heart Disease

You might think this little tendency is harmless, but new research says over time, it could take a toll on your ticker.

Having This Number of Kids May Increase Heart Disease in Women

Find out how many pregnancies up your likelihood of cardiovascular woes—and what you can do about it.

High Cholesterol Foods Are Off the Dietary Hit List

Eggs, cheese, and red meat may not be as bad for your cholesterol and heart as officials thought. Find out why, and what it means for your meals.

Twitter Can Predict Rates of Heart Disease

A new study finds that Twitter can actually predict rates of one leading cause of death.

Healthy Living Tips from Death Experts Who Know

Real stories and disease-prevention secrets from pros who know the body inside and out: an anatomy professor and embalmer.

Why the Diseases That Are the Biggest Killers Get the Least Attention

The ALS ice bucket challenge has drenched the nation, but take a moment to learn about these surprising diseases that are killing Americans.

Should We Really End the War on Fat?

A recent Time magazine article has everyone questioning if saturated fat isn’t so bad. But let’s not get too carried away with the butter yet.

The Real Risk of Heart Attack During Endurance Exercise

For all the good running does for you, it’s often in the headlines as being bad for your health. So what’s the truth?

Ask Diet Doctor: Salt vs. Sugar

While you should limit your intake of both, one does much more damage to your body than the other.

Ask the Diet Doctor: How Much Saturated Fat Should I Eat?

Cutting back too much on this “bad” fat could actually do more harm than good.

Everything You Need to Know About Coconut Oil

Is this tropical fat an artery clogger, a weight-loss miracle, or simply a delicious way to bake and cook?

5 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Controlling your blood pressure without drugs is easier than you think.

The Heart Attack Symptom You May Be Missing

Don't let what you've seen on TV and in movies fool you: A heart attack can sneak up on you, so learn the signs.

Eat This to Protect Your Ticker and Slim Down

The best food to shrink your waistline and protect your heart is versatile, filling, and inexpensive.