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at-home workouts

Get a Tight, Toned Belly in 10 Minutes

Grab a jump rope to do this fat-blasting abs workout with trainer Nora Tobin.

6 Seated Moves That Work Your Whole Body

These sneaky seated moves firm and burn your body much more than you'd think.

Total-Body Workout: 20-Minute Metabolism Booster

Turn your body into a fat-burning furnace with this metabolic conditioning routine.

Spring Cleaning: How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Chores?

Yes, those chores count! Here's how to burn major calories during a cleaning sesh.

A Workout You Can Do at Work (Really!)

4 simple moves that will fire up your metabolism and boost energy levels all day.

At-Home Kettlebell Kickboxing Workout

Get a one-two punch of cardio and strengh training with this martial arts-inspired workout from Kettlebell Kickboxing creator Dasha Libin.

The Best Sex (Workout) You’ll Ever Have

Prep your body for a red-hot night with these 5 moves that strengthen your sex muscles and are performed in bed.

The Runway-Ready Workout

Get runway-ready at home with these 5 model-approved moves from celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello.

Turn Your Stairwell into a Fat-Burning Machine

Blast calories and firm up all over with this stairwell workout. No equipment necessary!

The Quick-Start Morning Workout

5 moves you can do in your bedroom to start your day strong.

9 Ways to Sculpt Your Body On the Couch

Forget fancy home gyms. Your sofa is the best sculpting tool you're not using!

The Ultimate Hotel Room Workout

Tone your whole body in any small space. No equipment needed!

Hotel Room Cardio: Blast Fat On the Go!

You don't even need sneakers for this fat-blasting circuit!

The 10 Most Popular SHAPE Workouts of 2012

The results are in! Here, your fave fat-blasting, muscle-toning plans of the year.

Stay Fit on the Fly: 12-Minute, Do-Anywhere Workout

Traveling for the holidays? Pack this total-body plan and never miss another workout again!

The At-Home CrossFit Workout

Get fitter and firmer than ever before with this total-body plan.

No-Running Cardio Workout You Can Do at Home

Forget the treadmill! This quick routine will send your metabolism soaring.

The Election Day Workout

Have some fun and torch some calories while watching the 2012 presidential election results tonight.

The Hottest Fitness Trend? Skipping the Gym!

Bodyweight bearing exercises made the top of ACSM's list of fitness trends—for the first time ever!

Get Slim With or Without the Gym

Try this 2-in-1 toning plan to fit in a full-body workout wherever you are.

Total-Body TRX Workout

Strengthen all over and build a rock-solid core with these 8 moves.

The Top Inner-Thigh Toning Move

Target, tone, and trim your inner thighs with this easy, equipment-free exercise

The BLT Workout

Trainer Jay Cardiello shares five moves to tighten and tone your butt, legs, and thighs while upping your calorie burn to uncover those hard earned muscles.

10-Minute Belly-Blasting Workout

You already have abs. You just need to uncover them! Here's how.

15 Full-Body Workouts Under 15 Minutes

These fast but powerful workouts are perfect for a busy schedule.

Look like a Dancer with this Total-Body Workout

Get the lean look of a dancer without touching a barre? Sign us up! Now you can become a ballerina in the privacy of your own home.