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Researchers Confirm the First Known Case of a Human Infected with the Keystone Virus

mosquito-keystone-fb.jpgPhoto: Shutterstock / Mycteria

In August 2016, a 16-year-old boy in North Central Florida was taken to an urgent care clinic after spiking a fever and developing a severe rash. At the time, doctors weren't able to figure out what was making him so sick. They tested for Zika and several other mosquito-borne pathogens but couldn't settle on a proper diagnosis.



To continue its celebration of Pride month, Equinox is partnering with Lewis Miller Design to create a series of its signature Flower Flashes that will appear at LGBTQ historical landmarks across New York. (Related: The At-Home MetCon3 Workout Inspired by Equinox's Most Popular Class)

The series includes a flower stand where bouquets are distributed to the public; a roaming installation that includes flowers around six bikes (each a color of the LGBTQ rainbow flag); arrangements built into the triangular steel sculpture at the New York City AIDS Memorial in the West Village; and an installation at the Stonewall Inn that features an arrangement draped along the front façade of the historic bar. Equinox will donate $1 to The Center, a nonprofit in NYC, for every Flower Flash photo posted and tagged @equinox with #PoweredByPride.

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Photo: Equinox