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An Infographic of Serving Sizes for Your Favorite Healthy Foods

Make sure you're not ODing on healthy foods with a handy nutrition chart that'll help you keep portion sizes and calories in check.

What Running a Marathon Really Does to Your Body

From your brain to the bottom of your feet, this handy infographic details what you're signing your body up for when you run a race.

13 Types of Milk That Do Your Body Good

Almond, soy, hemp, coconut—there are more milk varieties than plank variations. Use this infographic to pick the best one for you.

Survey Reveals Where Highest-Rated Doctors in U.S. Are

A new survey reveals the cities that are happiest with the quality of their medical professionals. Did your hometown make the list?

What Really Happens When You're Sleep Deprived

A lack of zzzs does more than leave you cranky. These scary health stats will make you start prioritizing your beauty rest more.

79 Million Pounds of Avocados Will Be Eaten During Super Bowl 2013

Find out what American’s are doing with 158 million avocados that will be consumed during the game this Sunday.

Motivation Monday: Start Your Week with Some Healthy Pinspiration

Need some healthy inspiration to get moving this week? These four pins will kick you into high gear.

Work Out While You're at Work

No time to squeeze in a workout? Get creative and burn some calories while you're at work.

9 Thanksgiving Infographics Worth Checking Out

From calorie counts to conversation starters, these stats will come in handy!

Is Pinterest Making You Fat? Break Your Food Porn Addiction

It's fun to look at I-lick-eat-my-screen photos of food, but research has found it could be bad for your health.

You Ate It? Negate It: Candy Corn

Find out what it takes to torch the calories in a handful of this classic Halloween treat and how it compares to other popular sweets.

The Best Places for Women-Owned Businesses

Women-owned businesses are booming everywhere, but they're specifically growing in a few states and cities. Talk about woman power!

The Most and Least Healthy Cities According to Foursquare Check-Ins

Ever wonder which city has bragging rights as the healthiest eaters in the country? Foursquare uses data from its 15 million mobile app users to see who eats the healthiest and is the most active.

9 Ways Pinterest Improves Your Diet

Pretty images and great ideas make it easy to think about nutrition!

Why Coffee and Tea Are Super Good for You

This infographic explains why and how coffee and tea of all kinds in moderation are beneficial to your health. A must-read for all coffee and tea drinkers!

Traveling for the Holiday? Stay Healthy With These Tips

The holiday travel season is in full swing! With millions flying the friendly skies this week to get to their Thanksgiving dinner destinations, the airports will be busy, busy, busy. And with all those cramped quarters and crowds, it's important to stay h

13 Nifty Nutrition Infographics

Useful food facts wrapped up in a pretty, foolproof package.