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junk food

20 Crunchy Air Fryer Recipes That Are Almost Too Good to Be True

Meet your favorite new healthy cooking tool.

McDonald's Flips Its Logo Upside Down for International Women's Day

The internet has a few things to say about the company's big move.

McDonald's Commits to Make Happy Meals Healthier By 2022

They're nixing the cheeseburger off the kids' menu.

6 Reasons Why Your Poop Smells So Bad

** Casually sprays dry shampoo to cover up smell **

Kanye West's Poem About McDonald's Will Make You Wish Every Day was Cheat Day

"I don't trust no food that smells that good man. I don't trust it. I just can't."

10 "Junk Foods" That Actually Boost Your Workout

Don't write off all junk foods. Some are perfect for eating right before or after a sweat sesh.

Should You Really Hate On Processed Foods?

The answer is more complicated than you would think

The Zombie Diet: Is the Way You Eat Causing You to Lose Brain Cells?

Eating a diet high in fat can literally cause your brain to eat itself.

Why Seaweed Will Be Your New Favorite Pizza Topping

A tiny bit of this one veggie can give you big benefits, says a new study.

The Reason Chicken Wings and Fries Sound So Delicious

If your mouth is watering, you're not alone.

Weight Loss Tips from Women Who Work with Junk Food

Because who knows better how hard it is not to indulge in just one more cupcake?

Americans Are Malnourished (But Not for the Reasons You'd Think)

Most Americans have access to plenty of food, but that's not the problem.

Processed Foods May Kill Off Bugs that Keep You Thin

We know junk food is kryptonite for your waistline, but what about your gut?

Are Reusable Grocery Bags Wrecking Your Diet?

Healthy eating rides on your weekly grocery store trip, but one of your smartest choices may actually derail your diet.

Is Your High-Fat Diet Messing with Your Mood?

High-fat diets may lead to anxiety and impaired memory. What does that mean for the fats in your high-fat, low-carb diet?

What 200 Calories Really Look Like

The new app Calorific makes healthy eating easier by showing you what 200 calories really look like in your favorite foods.

4 Junk Foods We'd Like to See Taxed Besides Soda

Soda taxes got the vote during yesterday's midterm election. Here are more unhealthy snacks we'd like to see on the next ballot.

How Healthy Are "Healthy" Vending Machines?

See if these new options save you from wrecking your waistline or are no better than the typical snacks.

One Man Hopes to Change the Healthy Food Community, Why Your Brain Loves Junk Food, and the FDA Just Approved the First Personal Robotic Exoskeleton

One man’s mission to change eliminate waste and hunger, plus our fave fast food and robots are coming!

Ask the Diet Doctor: Anatomy of a Peep

Find out how long you'd have to work out to burn off a pack of these marshmallow treats!

9 Ways to Ruin a Perfectly Good Superfood

Sweet potato fries, buttered popcorn, and more ways to ruin a perfectly good powerfood.

The Ultimate Halloween Candy Guide

Compare the health and taste of your favorite treats before you reach into the trick-to-treat bowl.

What's Really in Halloween Candy?

We've peeled back the wrapper to uncover which ingredients are harmless and which treats should go straight to the trash.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Are the New Burger King Satisfries Healthy?

Debuting today, these fries have less fat and fewer calories, but that doesn’t mean they’ll help you lose weight, our Diet Doctor says.

12 Salads Worse Than a Big Mac

Don't be fooled by the s-word; these orders can do more damage than fast food!

Ask the Diet Doctor: Is Wholesome Food Healthier Than Processed Food?

Yep, junk food may be healthier for you than whole or natural foods at times!