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This Video of Gina Rodriguez Will Make You Want to Kick Something

She shared a video of her Muay Thai training session in Thailand.

Muay Thai Is the Most Badass Workout You Haven't Tried Yet

Literally the most badass thing I've ever done.

Why You Should Give Muay Thai a Try

Has ~ Jane the Virgin ~ ever steered you wrong?

The Intense Kickboxing Workout for Beginners That Will Have You Dripping with Sweat

And feeling like a total badass. Get sweaty with the #ShapeSquad on the recap of our Facebook Live.

Why You Should Give MMA a Shot

The total-body workout only seems scary.

11 Reasons We Love Boxing

This full body workout offers equal parts toning, anger management, and stress relief—not to mention, it's the chosen sport of Victoria's Secret models.

The Lowdown on UFC Training

Our fitness editor visited the UFC Gym in Manhattan for an empowering kickboxing routine.

Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Look-Good-Naked Workout

Score the star's tight and toned frame with this fun and sweaty dance party workout.

4 Fighting Moves from Keri Russell's Trainer

Get a body like a fighter with the self-defense exercises she used to train for The Americans.

Video: Kickboxing for Killer Abs

Win the fight between you and belly fat with this intense circuit.

Kickboxing for Killer Abs

Unleash your inner badass as you punch and kick away flab to unveil a flat stomach.

Kickboxing Ballet: The 4-in-1 Workout Plan

Combine cardio, core, flexibility, and strength training into one equipment-free session!

At-Home Kettlebell Kickboxing Workout

Get a one-two punch of cardio and strengh training with this martial arts-inspired workout from Kettlebell Kickboxing creator Dasha Libin.

10 Crunch-Free Moves for Killer Abs

Try this Pilates and kickboxing-inspired circuit for strong, defined abs.

We Tried it: Empower Boxing Boot Camp

This boxing workout designed especially for women left us with aching arms and an elevated heart rate. Talk about tough! This DVD series will whip you into shape in no time!

Killer Kickboxing Workout

8 awesome drills to torch fat and tone every inch of your body.

20 Ways to Bust Out of Your Workout Rut

Break through a plateau and get the body you've always wanted!