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What Kristen Bell Eats to Fuel Her Career and Workouts

Plus the super easy thing she does to wake up looking ~amazing~

Kristen Bell Helped Two Families Get to Shelter During Hurricane Irma

The actress has made good on her promise to help people in need.

Kristen Bell Opens Up About Depression, Anxiety, in Refreshingly Honest New Interview

"I felt it was sort of a social responsibility I had—to not just appear to be so positive and optimistic."

Kristen Bell Tells Us What It's Really Like to Live with Depression and Anxiety

Kristen knows what's up—and she's worth listening to.

Fruits and Veggies are About to Get a Whole Lot Sexier

Produce is about to get some marketing mojo.

Kristen Bell's Expecting Baby No. 2, Lea Michele Hangs Ten, and Britney Is Flattered by Miranda Lambert

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Absolutely Stunning Celebrity Pregnancy Photos

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Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis Welcome Baby Boy

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Stars of Veronica Mars Reveal Their Stay-Fit Secrets

With the release of the fan favorite film, we caught up with the stars on the red carpet at the movie premiere.

10 Reasons We Love Kristen Bell

Sure, she's adorable—but from bargain hunting to a love of sloths, there are many more reasons to obsess over the hilarious Veronica Mars star.

Ryan Lochte Swims for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Click to learn why we’re giving the Olympic hottie a “jeah!” and more of this week’s top celebrity news, including Jordin Sparks’ workout.

10 SHAPE Cover Models Who Ruled the Small Screen

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10 SHAPE Cover Models Who are Making a Difference

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Kristen Bell's 30 Rules to Live By

Kristen Bell's fun—and totally doable—tips for feeling fit, strong, and happy! Try one every day this month to see how they can change your life.