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leg workouts

Megan Roup's Killer 5-Move Slider Workout for Your Legs and Butt

Megan Roup, founder of The Sculpt Society, shares the killer leg and butt workout models used to prep for the runway.

The 100-Lunge Workout Challenge That'll Turn Your Legs to Jell-O

Think you've got what it takes to crush all 100 reps?

The Heavy Dumbbell Workout That Builds Strong, Sexy Legs

Because bodyweight will only get you so far

The 11 Best Exercises for an A-List Body

If these 11 go-to celebrity trainer moves don’t only work for Jessica Simpson, Rihanna, and other stars—they’ll also work for you!

Could Leg Workouts Be the Key to Brain Health?

Your lower-body workout could have perks beyond strengthening your gams.

Why Lateral Movement Workouts Are a Smart Move

The celebrity trainer explains how side-to-side exercises can seriously improve your fitness.

7 Exercises to Look Slim and Sexy in a Cutout Dress

Feel strong, sexy, and confident showing a little skin with these easy moves.

Jada Pinkett Smith's Look-Hot-From-Behind Butt Workout

The star's personal trainer shares her favorite do-anywhere exercises for a sculpted lower body.

Get Strong, Sexy Legs Like a Rockette

See the fat-burning, lower-body exercises that help the Radio City Rockettes keep up with their six shows a day.

The Ultimate Long, Lean Legs Workout

Sculpt the long, toned legs you're after with this workout from Bethany Lyons.

12-Minute Booty-Boost Workout

Tighten your bum, thighs, and hips with these sculpting and strengthening lower-body moves.

8-Minute Lean Legs Workout

Start sculpting sexy, strong legs with this high-intensity bodyweight routine that combines a sweat-dripping cardio experience with all the benefits of strength training.

Strong in 7 Legs Workout

Tighten your legs while giving your butt a boost and toning flat abs with these 4 exercises.

Jillian Michaels' Killer Buns and Thighs Workout

Slim your lower body and banish saggy buns for good with this 40-minute video routine from America's toughest trainer.

The Best Workout for the Time You Have

Whether you can spare 1 minute or 30, we have a routine to fit into your busy day.

So Long, Saddlebags Thigh-Toning Workout

Target that dreaded upper-outer thigh bulge with this workout, and feel more confident than ever rocking a bikini this summer!

6 Easy Moves for Gorgeous Gams

Get the balance and strength you need to rock sexy stilettos with this sculpting and stretching plan.

The Look Good in Leggings Workout

4 moves to lift, shape, and define your lower half this fall.

The Runway-Ready Workout

Get runway-ready at home with these 5 model-approved moves from celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello.

The Skinny Jeans Workout

This toning plan sculpts your butt and legs while challenging your core and zapping fat too.

The BLT Workout

Trainer Jay Cardiello shares five moves to tighten and tone your butt, legs, and thighs while upping your calorie burn to uncover those hard earned muscles.