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life advice

Do It For Yourself

Boost your confidence and be happier by taking time every day to give yourself a little self-love.

Is Your Need for Speed Killing Your Dreams?

Why slowing down and learning to be patient may be the secret to achieving your life goals.

Find Work-Life Balance

Lifestyle editor Susan Cross dishes weekly on how she manages to stay healthy and happy and achieve all her goals.

Take a Shot!

When taking a risk can make you happier, less stressed, and thinner!

Self-Defense: What Every Woman Needs to Know

What should you really do in a threatening situation? Expert tips to stay safe.

Patti Stanger: "What I've Learned About Love"

The Millionaire Matchmaker star on finding love after 50.

Joss Stone: Thank God I’m Not a Model

The singer reveals why she’d never want to be one and why her weight is irrelevant in her life as a singer

What's Your Biggest Health Regret?

17 real women and celebs reveal what they wish they'd known when they were younger.

5 DIY Health Checks that Could Save Your Life

No one is too busy for these easy tests that could save your life.

Your Biggest Healthy Eating Barriers Solved!

Why don’t you stick to your healthy diet, cost, time, social pressure? Nutritionist Cynthia Sass busts your biggest barriers.

Dr. Maya Angelou on Wellness, Health, and Friendship

Wellness means different things to different people, but we all deserve it. And we should all have a shot at being truly healthy and well. That's the message from Dr. Maya Angelou.

Supermodels' Swimsuit-Ready Secrets

Top beauty and body-confidence tips for everybody!

Q&A with Hunger Games' Stuntwoman Tara Macken

Hunger Games' Tara Macken reveals how she stays in kick-butt shape!

Proof That Healthy Living Really Does Pay Off

Studies show lifestyle is more powerful than genetics. Start living healthier today with these two tips and live better tomorrow and for years to come.

The Trick to Having More Willpower

Willpower is a misunderstood thing. It's both more and less complicated than most of us realize. Harnessing it, can be much easier if we go about it in the right way.

A Place That Inspires Me

I’ve found an oasis in New York City that never fails to inspire me. Here I share where it is and why and want to know, what place inspires you?

Almost Half of Women Feel Bad About Themselves When They're Not Wearing Makeup, Survey Finds

After results of a survey concluded that most women feel negative without makeup on, the Renfrew Center is launching a campaign to boost self esteem.

The Art of Balancing Life with Guest Blogger Julie Smolyansky

Julie Smolyansky, the youngest female CEO of a publicly traded company, avid marathoner, and mother of two share how she balances it all.

Celebrate Yourself, Celebrity Style

Celebrities have access to the best of the best and when it comes to achieving your fitness goals you should too. Try these five unique, celeb-inspired ways to kick your weight loss success into gear.

Regrets of the Dying

The recent death of a coworker has inspired me to live life to the fullest and make sure I don’t have any regrets when it’s my time.

Keep Dreaming

The simplest way to keep your life moving in the right direction is to keep on dreaming. Every now and again it’s good to be reminded to keep looking toward the future we want.

Avoiding Office Temptation

What to do when faced with homemade cupcakes and donuts at your morning meetings.

6 Tricks to Not Get Sick on an Airplane

You can’t avoid them when you’re traveling so we identify the most high-risk areas of an airplane and how you can protect yourself from getting sick before you even start your trip!

Stop the See Food Diet

If you’ve ever felt the urge to eat something after seeing an ad for it on TV you’ve become a victim of the see food diet. Find out why this happens and how to stop the mindless munching.

Pretty Up Your Closet

A disorganized closet is an added stressor you don’t need in the morning. Use these tips to get yours under control today.

Committing to a Permanent Healthy Lifestyle

These goals aren’t just about weight loss they’re about living happily and healthfully for the long-haul.