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low-carb diet

This Low-Carb Bread Recipe Proves You Can Have Bread On the Keto Diet

This low-carb bread recipe is your saving grace.

Low-Carb Keto Drinks That Will Keep You In Ketosis

Learn what kind of drinks are approved (and what to avoid) if you're on the ketogenic diet.

Can a Low-Carb Diet Help Prevent a Heart Attack?

Don't believe us? These numbers will convince you.

The Lowdown on the Train Low/Race High Diet Plan

Switching from a low-carb diet to carb-loading right before a race may help you lose weight and run faster.

The Truth About the Low-Carb High-Fat Diet

Popular mong celebs, the LCHF diet is said to speed up weight loss and boost your energy.

Atkins Diet Brings Back (Some) Carbs

Now you can have your bacon and eggs on toast again

Lose Weight by Avoiding Hidden Carbohydrates

Could these sneaky sugars and starches be the reason you can't lose weight?

Low Carb Diet Linked to Shorter Life Expectancy

If you’ve sworn off breads, rice, and oats you may be missing out on a huge health perk.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Post-Vacation Weight Loss

Detoxing after a vacation doesn't have to mean a juice cleanse.

Why Eating Like a Man May Be Best for Women's Health

A new book lays out a surprising defense for including full-fat dairy, heavy cream, and red meats in your diet.

Can Cutting Carbs After Lunch Help You Lose Weight?

Bob Harper advocates skipping carbs the second half of your day to lose weight. Here’s what science says about this plan.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Fueled by Fats Alone

Cutting out carbs almost completely—or all the way—is advocated by some diets—and it isn’t as unhealthy as you think.

9 Signs You’re on a Fad Diet

Before you go trying the latest weight-loss craze, see if it passes this test for being healthy and meeting its promises.

The Best Diet for Your Health

Researchers looked at the science on paleo, lowfat, low-carb, vegan, and more diets to finally decide the optimal way to eat.

8 Banned Foods to Keep in Your Diet

Ignore the rules for paleo, low-carb, and other diets. Giving up these foods could make you less healthy and add pounds.

The Best Diet

Weight Watchers, Dash, Paleo, low-carb, or low-fat? Find out which diet is best to help you reach your weight-loss goals.

Diet Advice You Shouldn’t Follow

5 popular myths that are bad for your health and your figure.

The Best Frozen Meals Under 400 Calories

10 delicious dishes that bust the dieting-equals-deprivation myth.

Is Wheat Fattening?

If you’ve seen friends lose weight on a wheat-free diet you may be tempted to try it too. Read on to find out if a wheat-free diet really is right for you.