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7 Simple Ways to Change Your Look

Transform your tresses without having to commit to a totally new 'do.

Hair Makeovers

Having healthy hair is difficult to do when you dye, bleach, straighten, etc. your hair. The top stylists at Louis Licari salon tell us how to get the best of both worlds: healthy and beautiful hair!

Where are They Now? Total Health Makeovers, 6 Months Later

We sent two mother daughter pairs to Canyon Ranch for complete health makeovers.

Where Are They Now? Real Life Makeovers, 6 Months Later

You don't need months to get a total life makeover—just ask these mother-daughter pairs.

Change Your Look--Instantly

Change your look in a flash with these easy instant makeover secrets.

10 Ways to Look 10-Pounds Slimmer

While waiting for your diet and workout routine to pay off, "reshape" your body with these fashion tricks.

Make Over Your Closet

This step-by-step plan will help you clear out clutter with a minimum of anxiety and cash.

Change Your Look...Instantly!

Here are beauty boosters and quick fixes to enhance your self-esteem as you stay on track.

One-Minute Makeovers

Update your look for fall with one—or all—of these seven expert tips.

Beauty Tips: Do-It-Yourself Makeovers

We’ve been inundated with dramatic shows featuring life-altering cosmetic surgeries. At Shape, we share practical beauty tips you can do yourself for eyebrow shaping & coloring, plus many more makeover tips.

21-Day Makeover - Day 15: Invest In Your Looks

Splurging a little on your skin, hair, and makeup is not vanity; it's part of total-body wellness.