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Jordan Hasay Was Training Like a Beast to Crush the Chicago Marathon

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The Olympian shares how she managed to place in the top ten after bracing 35 mph winds, pouring rain, and a below-freezing wind chill.

6 Boston Marathon Runners Share Their Tips for Making Long Runs More Enjoyable

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7 Unexpected Perks of Winter Race Training

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Why Chip Gaines Is Starting Small As He Trains for His First Marathon

"Every day of something to be proud of—because I'm making it happen."

Karlie Kloss Says Running a Marathon Was the Best Training for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

"[It] was one of the greatest physical and mental challenges that I ever willingly signed up for."

This Woman Lost 100 Pounds After Realizing Her Daughter Couldn't Hug Her Anymore

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26 Thoughts You Have While Running a Marathon

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Why Half Marathons Are the Best Distance Ever

They're doable, you'll feel accomplished, and you don't have to give up your entire social life to train.