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How Technology Messes With Your Memory

Call it Digital Amnesia or the Google Effect, but storing all our memories online is causing us to forget them IRL.

Multitasking with Technology Can Rewire Your Brain

Do you text while tableting while watching your favorite show? Watch out for this scary side effect!

The Protein That Makes Athletes Stronger and Smarter

Turns out, exercise is as good for your mind as it is your middle.

Is Your High-Fat Diet Messing with Your Mood?

High-fat diets may lead to anxiety and impaired memory. What does that mean for the fats in your high-fat, low-carb diet?

How to Eat Healthier by Tricking Your Brain

Can your memory really help you lose weight? Science says yes—plus 4 more research-backed hacks for healthy eating.

5 Tricks to Improve Memory Immediately

Need a burst of brain power? Try these 5 techniques to remember facts on the fly.

Why I Got the Alzheimer’s Test

Since there are few preventive treatments, some argue it’s best not to know your risk for the disease. Here, one woman explains why she took the test.

Time on the Treadmill May Counteract Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms

Exercise is powerful medicine that can help counteract the negative effects of Alzheimer's disease, proves a new study.

Study Shows Weight-Lifting Improves Memory

It only takes 20 minutes to reap the benefits!

Groundbreaking New Study Sheds Light on the Mysterious Brain

New research suggests that certain brain areas could be "controlled" in the future.

Your Brain On: Warm Weather

Yep—sizzling temps can impact your mood, memory, and more!

What Drinking Green Tea Can Really Do for You

From some reports, it seems like green tea can cure everything—in a lab, that is. Luckily when translated to everyday consumption, a few cups still packs these great benefits.

Why Can’t I Remember Names Anymore?!

First, chill. It’s not early-onset Alzheimer’s. Then check out these 8 anti-aging tips to keep your brain sharp and fit for life.

Do Carbs Cause Alzheimer’s?

A new book calls carbs (even healthy ones) “the brain’s silent killers.” Will ditching them save you from dementia?

This Is Your Brain on Junk Food

A high-fat diet has the power to alter your noggin in ways that could impact your mental health and your waistline.

6 Reasons You Need More Sleep

And how to put yourself on snooze control—tonight!

Study Finds That Birth Control Pills Can Affect Memory

A new study is shedding light on how birth control pills — and therefore hormones — affect memory.

One Drink a Day for a Better Long-Term Memory? Study Says Yes

A new alcohol and memory study has found that moderate drinking may help prevent Alzheimer's because of alcohol's anti-inflammatory effects.

The Brain Benefit of Your Regular Cup of Joe

New caffeine research and coffee research finds that coffee may play a role in preventing or delaying Alzheimer's disease.

5 Foods That Boost Your Memory

Feeling a little forgetful? These delicious foods can give your brain a boost.